Figurines LEGO® Ninjago

Discover the wonderful world of ninjas with the official LEGO® Ninjago sets in stock at Super Briques and give the dream gift to a little boy over 4 years old and an older fan of the LEGO® Ninjago movie and the Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu TV series.

It's time for the ninja fight ! Combine your strengths and knowledge with your friends and find all the most iconic LEGO® Ninjago characters in our section of official LEGO® Ninjago figurines (Kai, Jay, Zane, Wu, Lloyd, Nya, Ham, Cole, Scott, Okino, Garmadon and all the others). Create your own stories by building the official LEGO® Ninjago boxes and relive the epic action scenes of your favorite movies. The LEGO® Ninjago game universe allows you to assemble lots of incredible toys such as robots, figurines, dragons, buildings and weapons. Children will be delighted to collect the small bags of LEGO® parts (Polybags) that contain a Ninjago figurine and its accessories.

Get ready to destroy the forces of evil by building LEGO® Ninjago sets such as the Crystal King's Temple (LEGO® 71771) or the Dragon of Overlord (LEGO® 71742). By the way, do you know the story of Garmadon, hero of evil? Originally, Garmadon was Wu's older brother and son of Spinjitzu's very first grand master. Everything went wrong when he was bitten by the Great Devourer from an early age and who made him evil. Therefore, his one and only objective is to bring evil and destruction to life. Later, he had a child with his wife Misoko, Lloyd, who became an excellent ninja very skilled and formidable in combat thanks to his ninja master, the famous Wu. Lloyd manages to defeat Overlord's dragon and thus frees his father from the evil poison that flows through his veins.

Also know that the LEGO® Ninjago sets you will find at Super Briques are compatible with other LEGO® universes (Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Jurassic World, City, Creator, Harry Potter, Disney and many more to discover).

Figurines LEGO® Ninjago