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Discover the new features of the new and official LEGO® City range and build the city of your dreams.

Build your urban set with new and original LEGO® City boxes and figurines, immediately available on our Super Briques website and with fast delivery from France.

Organizing your LEGO® city, with the new and official LEGO® City sets you will find at Super Briques, becomes child's play. Create your own emergency service buildings such as the LEGO® fire station, the LEGO® City Police Station or even a huge LEGO® hospital center to accommodate your LEGO® figurines who are victims of road accidents. Have fun after school with your child by recreating a LEGO® themed amusement park with lots of thrill rides and a LEGO® popcorn stand. Similarly, relax in the very trendy area of your LEGO® city center and walk through the official LEGO® shops (the LEGO® bookstore organizes a signing session with a famous author at 3 p.m.) and shop at the local LEGO® grocery store (there are the best LEGO® croissants in the country). Be careful ! Don't forget to book a table at the LEGO® pizzeria that has just opened to celebrate the birthday of your favorite LEGO® figurine that shares your life.

Also, thanks to the incredible choice of new and official LEGO® City sets that we have in stock at Super Briques, you can find the perfect gift for a child over 3 years old, a LEGO® fan. Turn your living room into a huge playground and invite all his little classmates to celebrate his birthday in an extraordinary atmosphere around LEGO® bricks. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to customize new and official LEGO® figurines with the effigy of your child and his friends, thanks to our UV printer and our online customization service for new and original LEGO® parts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about screen printing on new LEGO® parts, we will be very happy to answer all your questions.