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    Super Briques, the specialist in new and original LEGO® parts and sets. You will find at Super Briques a very wide choice of original LEGO® parts and sets.

    Looking for a brand new LEGO® set? We, at Super Briques, have hundreds of LEGO® part numbers and sets available ex-stock, because we are working on a real stock base, more enjoyable for you ! Furthermore, we chose to propose you a choice of LEGO® novelties but you'll also find at Super briques exclusive LEGO® sets. Since the beginning of our online sales website, we have specialized in the sale of new LEGO® and withdrawn LEGO® sale. We noted that, for the general public, the choice of official LEGO® sets is always the same in stores. Did you know that the famous Danish brand only leaves their boxes on sale for a few months and no longer produces them afterwards? That's how we started finding new LEGO® boxes removed from the shelves all over the world ! The most difficult thing will be to choose a game universe from all the new LEGO® set themes that exist (and they are all great): Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Ninjago, Jurassic World, Friends, Harry Potter, BrickHeadz, City, Creator, Limited editions, Special ones, Ideas, Middle-age, Pirates and Technic).

    Do you want to offer a small new LEGO® set to make a birthday gift or a Christmas gift? Discover all our original LEGO® parts in bags, which are called in the jargon of Afol (so called adults LEGO® fans), polybags. What will a Polybag tell me ? A Polybag is a small plastic bag made of new LEGO® parts in which you usually find an official LEGO® Minifig with all its accessories (it can be weapons, animals or flowers or small LEGO® bricks). Sometimes, the LEGO® bag contains a multitude of new LEGO® spare parts that will allow you to build a spaceship or an adorable little dog step by step.

    As you have understood, at Super Briques we focus on an incredible choice of new and official LEGO® items.

  • Minifigures

    Super Briques, the French website of the new and official LEGO® parts and sets. You will appreciate at Super briques the incredible choice of new and original LEGO® figurines.

    are you a collector of new LEGO® figurines? You are in the right place ! At Super Briques we have in stock, in our warehouse based in Vendée, thousands of official LEGO® figurines available immediately. Our stocks are updated in real time and we put news online almost every day, except on Sundays since we go surfing in the morning and then to granny Huguette with the children. But since you are a fan of the official LEGO® minifigurines, you probably know that the modern figurine (with its face and iconic smile) appeared in 1978. In 44 years, the catalog of original LEGO® characters currently has more than 8,000 different references, including the famous LEGO® figurine the ghost that glows in the dark (released in 1990) and the first LEGO® baby Minifig born in 2016. In addition, the color of the heads of LEGO® men is yellow so that any child in the world can identify with LEGO® figurines, regardless of their skin color. We had to think about it ! Moreover, it was not until 2003 that the first skin color (reddish brown) appeared to a LEGO® character in the Star Wars range.

    Are you looking for a gift idea for your LEGO® fan father ? Discover at Super Briques all our new and official LEGO® figurines. First of all, to find the ideal gift, you have to ask yourself the right question: which universe of LEGO® figurines is made for him ? Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the ranges of new LEGO® figurines you will find on our Super Briques site: Series 1 to 22, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Ninjago, Harry Potter, City, Disney, Looney Tunes, Pirates, Middle Ages, Simpson and the specials and rares.

    In the end, you guessed that at Super Briques we do everything to offer you a huge choice of new and original LEGO® figurines, as well as sets and spare parts.

  • Parts

    Super Briques is an online sales site located in Lucs-sur-Boulogne, Vendée and specialized in the sale of new and original LEGO® spare parts. Are you looking for a new LEGO® spare parts at retail ? You will find your happiness at Super Briques among a huge choice of thousands of references.

    How to build your own LEGO® city with official LEGO® spare parts ? Nothing could be simpler ! Start by drawing your LEGO® city map on a sheet of paper by schematizing the main avenue, then the adjacent streets (discover our personalized street signs created just for you). Add the location of the buildings and shops you want to find in your LEGO® city and that's it ! You will need, to begin with, different LEGO® construction base plates to lay the foundations of your city. Now you will have to think about the color of the facade of your buildings in LEGO® spare parts, as well as the many LEGO® accessories essential to furnish your shops, embellish the sidewalks of your LEGO® city center and animate everything in a very realistic way with original LEGO® figurines. You will need a very large amount of new LEGO® spare parts, here's what we have in stock to offer you. First of all, we have LEGO® building bricks (classic LEGO® bricks, flat LEGO® bricks, tiles, LEGO® cones, LEGO® domes, LEGO® antennas and LEGO® bars). Secondly, we have LEGO® Technic parts (LEGO® Technic bricks, LEGO® Technic flat bricks, bars, LEGO® Technic gears ans connectors). In addition, you will find on our Super Briques website the spare parts for official LEGO® figurines: LEGO® Minifigurines heads, hats, hair, legs and torsos. Then, you will need to create your LEGO® city in new LEGO® spare parts, original LEGO® animals (land or water) such as the adorable LEGO® little cat or the very formidable LEGO® shark. In addition, you will need LEGO® figurine accessories to properly equip them and assign them a profession, such as weapons for your LEGO® police officer, tools or dishes for your ice cream merchant.

    How to bring touch of realism to your LEGO® spare parts creations ? By adding details such as LEGO® plants (LEGO® small flowers, LEGO® foliage element), rocks or crystals. However, do not neglect the realism of your official LEGO® buildings by customizing the facades with our incredible choice of LEGO® spare parts for your buildings (windows, bow windows, doors, barriers, construction panels, boxes and flags). Have you built a LEGO® airport on the outskirts of your city or even a train station ? Great idea from you ! We have in stock all kinds of LEGO® parts at retail to accessorize your LEGO® station or airport terminal (go take a look at our LEGO® printed parts for transport). 

    After all this exciting work of reflection and construction, your LEGO® figurines will need to eat and hydrate at the Parisien restaurant (or Nantes, you see what to call it). That's why at Super Briques we offer you a very wide range of LEGO® spare parts on the theme of food and drinks, including the famous French baguette (the best in the world). 

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