The company Super Briques SAS, concerned about the rights of individuals, in particular regarding automated data systems, with a will of transparency with his customers, set up a policy taking into account the entire of these datas, the aims being pursued and the means of actions at individuals disposal in order to better use their rights.
For any additional information about personal data protection, we invite you to visit the following website:
Pursuing web browsing on this website means unconditional acceptance of requirements and conditions of use as following.
The currently in line version of these terms of use is the only enforceable one during the entire browsing in this website until a new version will replace it.

Article 1 - Legal notices

1.1 Website (referred to as « the website »):

Super Briques

1.2 Publisher (referred to as « the publisher »):

The company: Super Briques SAS
Located at: 314, Hameau des Pierres Noires, Les Lucs sur Boulogne
Registered at RCS de La Roche sur Yon 899546956
Phone number: 0251423842

1.3 Host (referred to as « the host »):

Pouty WebDesign  - 162 La logerie 85610 LA BERNARDIERE

Article 2 - Website access

The website access and use are designated for personal purpose. You commit yourself not to use this website and the information or data included in this website for commercial, political or advertising purpose also for any kind of commercial action, in particular for unsolicited commercial e-mails.

Article 3 - Content of website

Every brand name, pictures, text, comments, illustrations, animated or non-animated images, video sequences, sound and every computer applications that could be used to make this website run and more globally every elements reproduced or used in this website are protected by the law in force about intellectual property rights.
They are full and complete ownership of the publisher and his partners. Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in whatever form it arose, part or full of those elements, including computer applications, without prior written consent of publisher, are strictly forbidden.
The fact, for the publisher, of non launching a procedure since the becoming aware of these non authorized use, does not allow these use and does not mean discontinuing the proceedings.

Article 4 - Site management

For proper management of the site, the publisher may, at any time:

  • Suspend, stop or limit the access to all or part of the website, reserve access of the website or to part of the website for a determined limited web user category.
  • Cancel any information that could disturb the operating of the website, or could go into violation with international or national laws.
  • Suspend operating the website for maintenance  and updating purposes.

Article 5 - Responsibilities

The liability of the publisher cannot be effective in case of malfunction, failure, difficulty or breaking off operating, prevent access of the website or at one of its feature.
The connection hardware you are using to connect to our website is under your full responsibility. You have to take all appropriate steps to protect your computer and your own datas against viral attacks over the internet. Furthermore, you are the only responsible of the websites and the datas that you search on internet.
Publisher should in no way be held responsible in case of prosecutions and lawsuits against you for:

  • the use of the website and any service provided by internet
  • your non compliance to our general terms.

Publisher is not responsible for failures to yourself and/or to your equipment due to your connection or your usage of the website, so you renounce, de facto, to start any judicial action against him.
In case the publisher would come to a judicial action or mutual agreement procedure linked to your use of the website, the publisher could going to be prejudiced against you to claim compensation for all prejudices, finance loss, condemnations and expenses linked to this procedure.

Article 6 - Hypertext links

The setting up by users of all hypertext links to all or part of the website is authorized by publisher. Any link should be removed or cancelled upon request of the publisher. Any accessible information through a link to another websites is not supplied by publisher. Publisher does not have any rights of the content featuring in that link.

Article 7 - Data collection and data protection

Your datas are collected by single proprietorship Emeline Lecommandeur.
A specific personal data indicates any information about an identified natural person or concerned-person; directly or indirectly, notably with name reference, an identification number or to one or many specific elements, peculiar to his physical identity, physiologic, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social.
The personal informations that could be collected in the website are mainly used by publisher for the management of relationship with you, and also for your order processing.
Personal data collected are:

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Orders intake (purchased items, discounts, quantities, transport costs)
  • Financial datas: with in-line payment on the payment platform system, the platform system records financial datas concerning credit card user.

Article 8 - Access right, correction and de-referencing of your datas

In accordance with the law, all individuals who have filed nominative information on this web site can:
Exercise the right to access in order to know their personal datas by writing to the e-mail address featuring below. In that case, before implementation of this right, the platform can ask for the user’s proof of identity in order to check the accuracy.
Right to amend: if the user’s personal datas recorded on the platform are incorrect, user can ask to update them
Right of datas cancellation: users can ask for personal datas cancellation, in accordance with data protection laws
Right of data processing limitation: users can ask the platform to limit the personal data processing according to the recommendations planned by RGPD
Right for data processing objection: users can object to personal data processing according to the recommendations planned by RGPD
Right for portability: users can ask the platform to give back their personal datas in order to transfer them to another platform. You can exercise this right by contacting us at following address:
Or contact us with following e-mail address:
Any request must be accompanied with proof of identity signed and with the address to contact you back. The answer will be delivered within one month time, starting date of request. This lead time can be extended into two months more if the complexity or the number of request is requiring.
Moreover, and since law N°2016-1321 dated October 7th 2016, those who wish, have the possibility to manage the fate of their personal data after their death. For further information about it, please contact the CNIL website:
Users can also start a claim to the CNIL on same website address.
We recommend that you contact us before starting a claim with the CNIL because we remain entirely at your full disposal to solve the problem with you.

Article 9 - Data usage

The users personal data collected are designated to open them the platform services, their improvements and the maintenance for a safe environment. The legal base for processing is the completing of the contract between user and the platform.
More precisely, usage are as follows:

  • user access and usage of the platform
  • Management of the operating and optimizing of the platform
  • Implementation of user assistance
  • Check, identify and authenticate data sent by user
  • Personalization of services by displaying advertisements taking into consideration user’s browsing history and his preferences.
  • Prevention and detection of frauds, malwares (malicious softwares) and safety incidents.
  • Management of possible dispute with users
  • Sending commercial informations and avertissements taking into consideration user’s preferences
  • Organization of payment services terms of use.

Article 10 - Data storage policy

The platform will keep your data during the time needed to supply services or support.
In case of reasonably necessity or in order to be compliant with the laws, or to resolve a dispute, or to prevent misuse or abuse, or to apply our procedures or terms, we can also keep some of your data, if necessary, even after you have closed your account or if we don’t need to supply our services.

Article 11 - Personal data share with third parties

Personal datas can be shared with third parties companies exclusively within the European Union and in the following cases:

  • when user uses payment services, for that specific case, the platform is in connection with financial and banking companies third parties with whom we have a contract
  • When user publish a text, available to the public, in the free comment zones of the platform
  • When user authorize another website to access his datas.
  • When the platform would seek the service of external service providers to provide users assistance, advertisement and payment services. Those external service providers have a limited access to users datas when providing their service and have a contractual obligation to use them according to the regulations which apply for personal data protection.
  • If required by the law, the platform can send the datas in order to follow-up the claims against the platform and also to comply with administrative and judicial procedures.

Article 12 - Sales offers

You may receive sales offers from publisher. If you don’t want to, please click the link:
Your datas might be used by publisher’s partners for market prospection, if you don’t want to, please click the link:
In case you access to personal datas during your browsing on the website, you must not collect them or use them for non authorized purpose and any action leading to infringe on privacy or other persons reputation. Publisher disclaims responsibility on this purpose. Datas will be kept and used for a period of time according to legislation in force.

Article 13 - Cookies

What is a « cookie » ?
A « cookie », or tracker, is an electronic file left on a computer terminal ( computer, touchpad, smartphone…) and read, for example, during browsing a website or reading an e-mail, or when installing or using a software, or using a mobile phone app on any kind or terminal ( source:
When browsing on this website, some « cookies » coming from mother company or third parties could be left on your terminal. When first time browsing on the website, an explanation text about « cookies » will appear on your screen. Then, the customer or prospect is aware and accept the use of those « cookies ». The consent will be effective for a period of 13 (thirteen) months. User has the possibility to deactivate the cookies from his browser settings.
All collected informations will be used only for the following up of volume, kind and layout of traffic, and to develop its concept and management for administrative and scheduling goals, more generally, to improve the service we bring to you.
The following cookies are on our website:
cookies for online shop core functions (none advertisement)
Life time of this cookies is thirteen months.
For any further information about the use, the management and cancellation of the « cookies », for any king of browser, we invite you to click on the following link:

Article 14 - Photos and reproduction of the products

The pictures of the products with their description are not contractual and don’t held responsible the publisher.

Article 15 - Law in force

The present terms of use of the website are regulated by the French law and submitted to the competence of the courts from the publisher’s head office, subjected to specific competence attribution from a particular law or regulation.

Article 16 - Contact us

For any question or information about products on the website or about the website itself, you can leave us a message at following e-mail address: