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  • Classic Bricks

    Find a selection of new LEGO® building bricks in our dedicated range. Make your imagination and creative spirit speak to realize all your LEGO® construction ideas or to complete your LEGO® sets.

    Do you need new LEGO® elements to complete your diorama ? Quickly find the right spare part from a wide choice of new and official LEGO® building bricks. At Super Briques, we make it a point of honor to offer you choice, quality (we only sell new and original LEGO®) and novelty every week. Find LEGO® classic 2x4 bricks, inclined bricks, inverted bricks, modified bricks (1x2 masonry brick reference 98283, for example) and round bricks (1x1 3062b round bricks).

    In addition, fans of the LEGO® Technic range will find their happiness among our choice of LEGO® Technic connectors, gears and bars. In addition, you will find in our LEGO® building brick category the flat bricks (classic flats, round flats and special flats) that are used for the construction of buildings, vehicles, ships or to create animals or characters. You will certainly also need LEGO® cones, domes, antennas or bars to complete your game universe. And the most important thing for the end : don't forget to acquire one or more LEGO® base plates that will serve as a support for all your achievements.

    Finally, we offer you a rich and fun range with a large choice of LEGO® printed parts to enhance and enrich your dioramas (bank notes, radar screen, honeycomb or the famous treasure map).

  • Plates

    Find your happiness at Super Briques, among our large selection of LEGO® Flat bricks in detail. Possible collection of your order in our premises located in Lucs-sur-Boulogne (Vendée / France). We are open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

    What to build with LEGO® plates ? Vast question ! Since it is your creativity and imagination that come into play, everything is possible. A spaceship, a house, a motorized vehicle, a boat or a nice little panda... the only watchword is: have fun ! And if you need help building, here are some examples of scales and units of measurement at LEGO® : the most common unit of measurement in the Danish brand is the tenon, which is used for horizontal measurements. A tenon length represents the width of a 1x1 brick. The tenon also refers to the length of the Technic axes (2L for 2 tenons long, 4L for 4,...) Regarding vertical measurements, we talk about brick : for example, a height of 2 bricks represents the height of 2 bricks stacked on each other. We can also express the height in plates : 1 plate = a third of a brick in height.

    What are LEGO® spare parts ? At Super Briques, we have in stock thousands of new and original LEGO® parts (bricks, plates, tiles, animals, parts for figurines, figurine accessories, base plates or doors, windows, barriers and plants). Easily find what you need to build your diorama by sorting by name, color or shape. In addition, we offer you official LEGO® sets, new LEGO® figurines, our Super Briques "custom" creations and an online LEGO® parts customization service. Practical, isn't it ? Our personalization service is also open to companies and professionals who wish to communicate in a fun and original way, contact us for more details.

    Finally, we are present on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest) so do not hesitate to follow us to stay informed of the latest news and trends.

  • Tiles

    Explore our incredible range of new and original LEGO® tiles and assemble the decor of your dreams ! We send from Monday to Friday and you can even choose click and collect for a store pickup.

    Do you want to create a LEGO® mosaic ? You will need as many LEGO® tiles as possible ! Start by drawing a pencil pattern on a sheet of paper and thus have an idea of what you will need to make it perfectly. What's great about LEGO® is that there are a multitude of super cool colors including classic colors to begin with : black, blue, red, green, yellow, gray or orange. And then the more vitaminized and punchy colors such as coral, turquoise, fluorescent yellow, olive green, purple or our favorite: metallic gold. At Super Briques, you can sort our LEGO® spare parts by color, that's good ! But back to our sheep, to make your LEGO® mosaic, you will necessarily need LEGO® base plates and a brick separator if you make a mistake in your assembly.

    On the other hand, you can find on our online store full of new LEGO® sets and sometimes difficult to find (Star Wars, Technic, Marvel, Ideas, Disney and many others), super cool LEGO® figurines (Harry Potter, Disney, series figurines, DC Comics, Ninjago...) as well as our Super Briques custom parts (our customs). Our best seller ? The LEGO® road radar and the iBrick computer ! Finally, bring a personal touch to your achievements by customizing LEGO® parts from our catalog directly online thanks to UV printing technology.

    You can play alone or with your family with our entire range of LEGO®, available now and in fast delivery throughout Europe.

  • Cones

    Find very easily the LEGO® cone you need on our online store to finalize your brick creation. Real stock, immediate availability and fast delivery.

    Stack LEGO® cones and build a tree, missile or antenna ! Make your imagination speak because everything is really possible. Use many other official LEGO® spare parts from our catalog with cones to create unusual or everyday objects. For example, by assembling an orange 2x2x2 cone (LEG0® 3942c reference) on a 2x2 (3022) plate of the same color, you get a nice circulation cone to mark the work in your LEGO® city ! Do you want another example of easy and funny construction ? You can stack the cones on top of each other, alternating colors (dark brown, light beige and dark beige), and thus form the trunk of a tree. "yess" effect assured !

    Similarly, if you are looking for a LEGO® set for a birthday gift, we certainly have what you need in stock : LEGO® Star Wars, Avatar, Marvel or Creator and Jurassic World. Similarly, we offer you lots of LEGO® characters (always exclusively new) to expand your collection or enhance your creations (Disney, Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Muppets, City and many others to discover). Finally, at Super Briques we offer you the possibility to customize LEGO® parts from our catalog yourself via our dedicated page.

    There you go ! All you have to do is brick for hours and make your masterpiece ! If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Dish

    Find your happiness in new and original LEGO® domes from our wide range of sizes and colors in stock, available immediately and in fast delivery from France.

    What can I build with LEGO® domes ? Lots of things ! To start, we recommend a nice umbrella to take your LEGO® figurines to the beach : assemble on a 2x2 round flat (LEGO® Reference 4032a) a 1x4 flat-end antenna (LEGO® 3957b) and a 3x3 inverted dome (LEGO® 43898)... done ! Otherwise, you can also build a LEGO® flower bouquet to give to your other half as a Valentine's Day gift. Use different lengths of antennas as well as more or less large domes with various colors and here you are in possession of a superb bouquet of very colorful and original flowers. Finally, LEGO® inverted domes can be used to create, in addition to other LEGO® spare parts, a spaceship, a character, a mushroom or a figurine shield.

    In addition, you will find in our Super Briques online store, full of new LEGO® sets (boxes and Polybags) as well as a very large selection of official LEGO® characters (Disney, Simpsons, Star Wars, Marvel or for example Classic Space). In addition, we have specialized in customizing LEGO® thanks to UV printing and we have created a whole range of custom original parts : themed packs, flags, panels, figurine accessories, posters, paintings and many others to discover here ! Finally, you can customize some LEGO® parts from our catalog directly online by yourself ! Lots of gift ideas for Easter, Mother's Day or for a birthday to find in our dedicated section.

    Finally, do not hesitate to contact us for any request or question about the customization of LEGO® parts and follow us on social networks to keep you informed of our news.

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Super Briques is an online sales site located in Lucs-sur-Boulogne, Vendée and specialized in the sale of new and original LEGO® spare parts. Are you looking for a new LEGO® spare parts at retail ? You will find your happiness at Super Briques among a huge choice of thousands of references.

How to build your own LEGO® city with official LEGO® spare parts ? Nothing could be simpler ! Start by drawing your LEGO® city map on a sheet of paper by schematizing the main avenue, then the adjacent streets (discover our personalized street signs created just for you). Add the location of the buildings and shops you want to find in your LEGO® city and that's it ! You will need, to begin with, different LEGO® construction base plates to lay the foundations of your city. Now you will have to think about the color of the facade of your buildings in LEGO® spare parts, as well as the many LEGO® accessories essential to furnish your shops, embellish the sidewalks of your LEGO® city center and animate everything in a very realistic way with original LEGO® figurines. You will need a very large amount of new LEGO® spare parts, here's what we have in stock to offer you. First of all, we have LEGO® building bricks (classic LEGO® bricks, flat LEGO® bricks, tiles, LEGO® cones, LEGO® domes, LEGO® antennas and LEGO® bars). Secondly, we have LEGO® Technic parts (LEGO® Technic bricks, LEGO® Technic flat bricks, bars, LEGO® Technic gears ans connectors). In addition, you will find on our Super Briques website the spare parts for official LEGO® figurines: LEGO® Minifigurines heads, hats, hair, legs and torsos. Then, you will need to create your LEGO® city in new LEGO® spare parts, original LEGO® animals (land or water) such as the adorable LEGO® little cat or the very formidable LEGO® shark. In addition, you will need LEGO® figurine accessories to properly equip them and assign them a profession, such as weapons for your LEGO® police officer, tools or dishes for your ice cream merchant.

How to bring touch of realism to your LEGO® spare parts creations ? By adding details such as LEGO® plants (LEGO® small flowers, LEGO® foliage element), rocks or crystals. However, do not neglect the realism of your official LEGO® buildings by customizing the facades with our incredible choice of LEGO® spare parts for your buildings (windows, bow windows, doors, barriers, construction panels, boxes and flags). Have you built a LEGO® airport on the outskirts of your city or even a train station ? Great idea from you ! We have in stock all kinds of LEGO® parts at retail to accessorize your LEGO® station or airport terminal (go take a look at our LEGO® printed parts for transport). 

After all this exciting work of reflection and construction, your LEGO® figurines will need to eat and hydrate at the Parisien restaurant (or Nantes, you see what to call it). That's why at Super Briques we offer you a very wide range of LEGO® spare parts on the theme of food and drinks, including the famous French baguette (the best in the world).