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Collect all new and official LEGO® BrickHeadz figurines and share your passion with your friends.

Exhibit at home all the most beautiful new and original LEGO® BrickHeadz figurines available immediately at Super Briques, a French family business based in Vendée / France and founded by LEGO® fan parents.

The LEGO® BrickHeadz figurine collection was created in 2016 and is largely inspired by the particular graphics of the famous free construction game, Minecraft. For retro gaming lovers, the official LEGO® BrickHeadz range is aimed at adults but also for the youngest. These funny little LEGO® cubic characters are quickly built and are composed of about a hundred original and new LEGO® pieces. You can then proudly display them in a showcase or on a shelf, your friends will be seduced ! Have fun building adorable farm animals or iconic characters from your favorite TV series, such as LEGO® BrickHeadz Stranger Thing, or your childhood movies with the official LEGO® BrickHeadz Disney boxes.

Out of a gift idea for a geek ? Don't panic ! At Super Briques you will certainly find the gift that will delight a LEGO® construction lover and video game enthusiast thanks to our wide range of new LEGO® BrickHeadz figurines to build. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to customize your LEGO® BrickHeadz figurines and bring the final touch that will hit the mark with our LEGO® online customization service. Specialized in UV printing since June 2021, we give you the opportunity to add graphics, text or images to new LEGO® spare parts, to choose from our catalog of original LEGO® parts at retail. Our motto ? Offer you more and more choices, dreams and quality service.

In short, at Super Briques you can have fun building new and original LEGO® and display your creations to decorate your interior.