With Super Briques, your loyalty is rewarded: accumulate points with each purchase and get discounts on your next orders.

At Super Briques, we reward your loyalty. For each purchase made on our online store, you accumulate loyalty points (€2 spent = 1 point earned).

Upon validation of your first order, these points are automatically credited to your loyalty pool, accessible in your customer account (Heading "Loyalty Points"). It is imperative to create your customer account in order to accumulate points. Guest accounts do not benefit from our loyalty system.

On a future order, you will be able to freely use these points (without a minimum amount, without a deadline for use) by exchanging them for a discount: 10 points = €1 discount.

For simplicity, this exchange is done directly in the shopping cart, before validating your order. You are free to use all or only part of your point pool. Easy, isn't it?

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are Super Briques loyalty points for me?

Loyalty points turn into discounts, real savings for your next orders. So to answer the question, Super Briques loyalty points will allow you to offer yourself LEGO® at a lower cost throughout the year.

How long do I have to use them?

Because we are tired of these beautiful promises of potential discounts on many online sales sites, which in the end are almost always unusable (minimum purchase amount required, short expiry date...), at Super Briques we have decided not to limit them in time. Yes, you read it right! Your prize pool has no expiration date.

The minimum order at Super Briques is only €5. So, ok there is a minimum but it is not very high.

So you decide when you use your money pot and for what amount.

So, are you rather cicada or ant? Will you wait to increase your money pot or will you use it with every order? You decide. It is you who decide.

Do I earn points with each item?

The points to be earned for each LEGO® product on sale on our online store are indicated on the product sheet, just below the "Add to cart" button.You also have a summary in your shopping cart and throughout the ordering process.

Transparency at Super Briques is essential.

Do I have to use all my points at once?

Well, no, you choose the amount of the discount you want on each order. It is therefore possible to split it on several orders.

And we remind you, there is no time limit to use your little magot at Super Briques!

How do I convert my points into a discount on my next order?

It's very simple, (once again transparency is required) in your shopping cart, you have a small banner that asks you if you want to use them on your order.
As mentioned above, it will also ask you what amount you want to use.

For any questions about our loyalty points program, do not hesitate to contact us