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  • Accessories

    Find the missing accessory for your LEGO® creations from our range of Super Briques "Accessories" custom parts. Delivery everywhere in Europe and free collection of your order possible in our premises in Vendée (long live the mogette and the prefou !)

    Do you need to accessorize your LEGO® diorama with original pieces ? Easily find your happiness in our section of personalized Super Briques accessories. Choose from LEGO® spare parts customized by UV printing such as: fragile package, "amazing" package, laundry box, welder torch, tape measure, compass or a magnificent diploma to celebrate the end of the studies of your LEGO® figurine! We regularly put new pieces online and our team of graphic designers is full of imagination (and humor) to divert objects from our daily lives. All our custom pieces are designed to be perfectly integrated into your LEGO® achievements, on the scale of a figurine.

    In addition, we also offer you a wide choice of new and original LEGO® sets, including the latest news: Avatar, Star Wars, Marvel and many more to discover. Our collection of official LEGO® figurines is not outdone since we have hundreds of super cool figurines in stock such as LEGO® series figurines, LEGO® Ninjago figurines and Simpson figurines. Make your creativity speak by realizing your wildest dreams with our range of LEGO® retail spare parts. Sort by color, shape and price to quickly find everything you need from: building bricks, figurine pieces, nature, animals and transport.

    Finally, we make on simple request by email and free of charge, all your quotes concerning your customization projects for your business communication.

  • Money - Bank

    Become a millionaire with all our LEGO® personalized pieces on the theme of money and banking ! Your figurines will be able to get rich and spend without counting in the shops of your LEGO® city.

    Bring a touch of realism to your LEGO® constructions with our selection of custom LEGO® pieces Silver - Bank. The official LEGO® figurines that you will find at Super Briques will be able to enjoy themselves and spend without counting in stores during the sales or to make Christmas gifts. Discover all our incredible personalized LEGO® Silver and bank coins: banknotes in Euros or Dollars, gold coins, bank card, check, gold bar, silver bar and of course, our famous pack - Mini MOC "Silver" with its ATM to add to the corner of the main artery of your LEGO® city.

    How to customize your LEGO®? Nothing could be simpler: call on Super Briques! Since June 2020 we have acquired a professional UV printer that allows us to print on new and official LEGO® spare parts. UV printing technology offers an incomparable photo rendering and quality, even on very small LEGO® parts. The durability and abrasion are impeccable so don't wait any longer and make your market among a wide choice of LEGO® custom pieces created by the Super Briques graphic team. In addition, we put news online every week to offer you more and more choices. Do not hesitate to take a look at our LEGO® retail spare parts section to complete your collection to enrich your achievements.

    Finally, we give you the opportunity to customize our LEGO® parts yourself thanks to our LEGO® virtual application to customize in UV printing. Choose your graphics from our pre-designed database or easily and quickly add your own creations (drawing, text, image or photo).

  • Art - Cinema - Music

    Enhance your gaming universe with our personalized LEGO® Art - Cinema - Music pieces. Give your LEGO® figurines a unique interior decoration with master paintings and trendy posters to brighten up a living room, bedroom or a shop.

    At Super Briques we love art and culture, which is why we have worked on a range of paintings, movie posters and television series, travel posters and vinyls. Discover or rediscover the master paintings exhibited in the world's largest museums, diverted by our creative team (Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Vitruvius's figurine, Van Gogh's Starry Night, Mondrian's composition in red, yellow, blue and black and many others). Have fun building a museum or showroom using our custom LEGO® Art - Cinema - Music parts as well as our LEGO® retail spare parts (construction bricks, classic tiles, LEGO® building spare parts and LEGO® construction base plates).

    You can also combine all our personalized LEGO® Art - Cinema - Music pieces with all other LEGO® game universes in LEGO® City, LEGO® Creator sets or even in LEGO® Harry Potter sets. The possibilities are endless, make your creative mind speak ! And if you are looking for a cheap and original LEGO® gift to give to a LEGO® fan, you will certainly find your happiness in our other categories of LEGO® personalized pieces: humor, drink and food, flags, medical, transport and much more. If you have any suggestions or ideas for our future LEGO® personalized pieces, send us your proposals by email or private message on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

    In the end, you have understood, you will find at Super Briques full of original and delirious LEGO® personalized pieces to complete and improve your LEGO® dioramas and impress your friends.

  • Food - Drinks

    Give your figurines the opportunity to feed them with quality products from our wide range of personalized LEGO® Drinks - Food pieces.

    Shop online at Super Briques and fill your cart with the latest news in the catalog, revisited by our team of graphic designers. The most greedy of you will find their happiness in our special candy department (chocolate bars, candy package and chewing gum) while addicts to sweet drinks and/or at aperitif time will be able to quench their thirst in our department dedicated to drinks (soda, mineral water, beers, vodka, whisky and rum). In addition, you will find everything you need to organize a quality breakfast with our selection of cereal boxes, strawberry jam, honey from our region, a good "Starbricks" coffee and even the famous chocolate and hazelnut spread, our famous and so delicious "Nutelbrick".

    Organize a relaxing evening with friends or as a couple with our pack - Mini MOC "Relaxation evening" and all its game accessories to spend a good evening having fun. Have an excellent pizza delivered 4 cheeses supplement pepperoni "Pizza hot" and enjoy it in front of a good "Brickflix" movie. And if you want to eat something else, you will find in our LEGO® retail spare parts category all the necessary food (we recommend the famous American hot dogs with our set of 3 condiments: ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise).

    Finally, you will also find on our website new and official LEGO® sets, original LEGO® figurines and a selection of LEGO® toys at a low price.

  • Flags

    Your LEGO® dioramas will move up a gear and become more real than life with our custom LEGO® flags printed on both sides. We use an industrial UV printer that offers an incredible rendering, even on the smallest LEGO® parts.

    Whether you are building a town hall, a pirate ship or a LEGO® castle, you will surely find the LEGO® custom flag you need at Super Briques. We have in stock hundreds of flags representing most countries of the world, French and international institutions, as well as flags from the regions and territories of France. Be proud of your roots and brandish the banner of your coat of arms ! You can even decorate LEGO® Icons sets such as The Castle of the Lion Knights (LEGO® 10305) with our "Normandy" flag or our "Royal Lion" flag. Our official LEGO® Middle Ages sets will not be left behind since we have also created a "Fleurs de Lys" flag.

    In addition, we have designed more current and modern LEGO® custom flags such as the "Nuclear Logo" flag, the "Rainbow" flag or the "No Future" flag. Nice, isn't it ? In addition, you can discover on our site a wide choice of new LEGO® spare parts (bricks, tiles, cones, accessories for figurines, animals and many others), official LEGO® figurines as well as original LEGO® sets such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Friends or Technic sets. Finally, we offer you the opportunity to customize our LEGO® parts in stock yourself via our virtual module to customize in UV printing.

    Similarly, we have a service dedicated to professionals and associations for any customization request. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

  • Seasonal
  • Minifigures

    ou dreamed of it, we did it. Explore our range of customs parts, customized by high-definition UV printing, on the theme of figurines. Our graphic designers had fun creating funny, modern and offbeat accessories to accessorize your LEGO® characters.

    Are you looking for an original head, torso or accessories for your LEGO® figurines ? You have arrived on the right site ! Browse our catalog of funny personalized LEGO® heads (masked figurine head, villain, pumpkin or zombie head). Dress your LEGO® figurines with a custom torso "Afol" or " I can’t, I have a unicorn ". Guaranteed top effect with all brick enthusiasts. We have also developed a multitude of state-of-the-art computer accessories for your connected figurines: high-end touch tablet with a fine and modern design, a latest generation smartphone with a breathtaking camera and our famous "iBrick" desktop computer, which comes with its wireless keyboard and mouse.

    In addition, we offer you many new and original LEGO® sets such as: LEGO® Star Wars, Avatar or Speed Champions sets. And for your greatest pleasure, we also have in stock hundreds of new and fun LEGO® Minifigures to complete your LEGO® or collectible sets: series 1 to 24, special and rare, City or Disney. Finally, you can customize your LEGO® creations by adding your personal touch with our wide range of retail spare parts that you can find easily and quickly by filtering them by color, price or shape.

    Do not hesitate to take a look at our blog and read all our articles on our news, news and latest custom pieces.

  • Humor

    Take a dose of good humor and brighten your day with some good laughs by browsing our range of LEGO® Humor custom pieces. Our creative team has surpassed itself to offer you lots of nice and really funny accessories for your LEGO® creations.

    Combine the pleasure of building your own LEGO® universe with a good touch of fun with our personalized LEGO® Humor pieces. Discover unusual and offbeat objects to arrange a room in a building, the streets of your city, the battlefield in front of your fortress or your apocalyptic LEGO® MOC. Let your imagination speak and invent your own stories to play alone or with your family. Browse our entire range of printed pieces on the theme of humor: road signs, road signs, posters, signs, objects diverted from everyday life, figurine pieces and more. Moreover, we regularly put new LEGO® custom pieces online.

    In addition, we specialize in the sale of new and official LEGO® sets (Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Technic, Ninjago, Jurassic World, Friends, Harry Potter, BrickHeadz, City) and many other LEGO® universes to discover. And tired of always coming across the same LEGO® sets in the big brands, we wanted to offer you a different choice by offering you LEGO® sets special and rare editions. In addition, you will also find at Super Briques a breathtaking choice of official LEGO® figurines including the latest novelties as well as figurines removed from sale and very difficult to find. So you no longer have an excuse to find the ideal gift for your half or your dear blonde head!

    In addition and finally, we offer you the chance to be able to customize new LEGO® spare parts online and quickly thanks to our virtual customization mode developed by our webmaster. Add text, images and graphics to our bricks, tiles, figurine torsos and many other pieces.

  • Games - Geek

    Fans of new technologies, retro gaming and board games will love our LEGO® Games - Geek custom pieces. Fast delivery and careful packaging from our warehouse in Vendée. News every week.

    Whether you are addicted to console games or board games, you will find at Super Briques full of LEGO® custom pieces for geek. Sit comfortably on your sofa and play with our "Nintenbrick" at Mario kart or Zelda. Do you take public transport ? Take our retro console "Game girl" in your bag to distract yourself on Tetris or Pokemon games for example. In addition, we have created just for you an assortment of board games including Trivial, solitaire, chess, Backgammon, Scrabble and Monopoly (transformed into "Brickopoly"). Hours of fun and laughter for you and your LEGO® figurines.

    Similarly, thanks to the high-definition UV printing and the talent of our graphic designers, we offer you the best of new technologies, finally accessible for your LEGO® characters. Enhance the realism of your LEGO® constructions with state-of-the-art accessories such as a touch tablet, smartphone or "Ibrick" desktop computer. Also discover our catalog of new LEGO® spare parts to enhance your gaming universe as well as all our official LEGO® figurines (series figurines, LEGO® Harry Potter figurines, LEGO® Star Wars figurines and many more to see). We also have in stock boxes, Polybags and packs - Mini MOC created by us on different themes (Halloween, Christmas, Templars, Royal etc…)

    Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to follow our news and receive our commercial offers. We are also present on social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

  • Blasons et Boucliers

    Increase the realism of your LEGO® brick constructions with our custom Super Briques Blazons and Shields parts and nobly show your coat of arms to your subjects ! Delivery throughout Europe from our premises in Vendée / France.

    Restore your coat of arms with our custom coat of arms and shields by UV printing ! Your LEGO® figurines will be able to decorate their medieval universe with our custom LEGO® coat of arms. Discover our best sellers without further delay : Brittany coat of arms, fleur de lys coat of arms or the Templar coat of arms and Normandy. We have also created custom LEGO® shields to accessorize your LEGO® figurines that go on the offensive. Nice, isn't it ? Combine our coats of arms and shields with our packs - Mini MOC customs : the Templar pack and the royal pack. In addition, we have a wide choice of weapons and accessories for your army of soldiers among our LEGO® spare parts : pointed scourge, swords, bows, spears and armor.

    In addition, we offer you the possibility to create your own custom LEGO® pieces via our dedicated page directly online. So treat yourself and be creative! The only limit will be your imagination. Build to infinity and assemble LEGO® sets together by mixing universes to invent captivating and inspiring stories. At Super Briques, we strive to find the best LEGO® deals for LEGO® sets and official and exclusively new figurines around the globe. No opportunity or counterfeiting with us ! Finally, save on your purchases by earning loyalty points with every purchase made on our online store and that you can turn into a discount.

    And if you have any questions about our personalization service, whether you are an individual or a company, you can easily contact us.

  • Medical

    Find all the medical equipment you need for your LEGO® figurines to help and assist patients with our personalized LEGO® Medical pieces. Fast delivery from France (Vendée).

    Build your LEGO® clinic or care center with all our new LEGO® spare parts (bricks, tiles, plate, doors, windows, plants and dozens of other categories). Filter by price, shape or color to quickly find the parts you need for your diorama. With our selection of LEGO® Medical personalized parts, arrange the office of the LEGO® doctor or the examination room to welcome your patients. You will find at Super Briques full of LEGO® parts printed by us to accessorize your hospital center : ultrasound, radio, defibrillator, medicine pot, first aid kit, temperature curve, billboards and many others. Moreover, we put news online throughout the year and we love to divert a lot of everyday objects such as drinks, food, movie posters or road signs.

    All our LEGO® custom parts are printed by an ultra-high-definition industrial UV printer and are resistant to abrasion and friction. But what is UV printing ? It's very simple, we will explain all this to you. UV printing is a recent digital printing technique consisting of using a special ink that instantly polymerizes under the UV lamp, it dries immediately under the effect of light and the hook is durable. Magical, isn't it ? Also discover all our ranges of LEGO® sets (Technic, Star Wars, BrickHeadz, Jurassic World etc...) and our entire incredible collection of original LEGO® figurines.

    Finally, you will find at Super Briques, the new and exclusive French LEGO® specialist, full of gift ideas for all budgets and for all ages.

  • Packs - Mini MOC

    Marvel at all our Packs - LEGO® Mini MOC created with passion and with a little grain of madness. Lots of fun and also very current themes to discover on our site. 100% French creations on new and original LEGO® parts.

    Are you looking for an original LEGO® gift idea and never seen anywhere else ? You fell in the right place ! At Super Briques we offer you new LEGO® sets, official LEGO® figurines, LEGO® spare parts at retail but also our original Super Briques creations. Since June 2021 we have acquired an industrial UV printer that allows us to print what we want (or almost) on the famous little LEGO® bricks. The possibilities are endless and we released our very first pack - Mini MOC LEGO® on the theme of Covid, which we called "Pandemic Pack". The success was immediate and encouraged us to work on other projects. Then came the seasonal theme packs (Halloween and Merry Christmas) then a pack - Mini MOC oriented more for adult LEGO® fans with the "Relaxation Evening" pack (70 pieces) and all its accessories to make your figurines spend a great evening (poker, whisky, a good Brickflix movie and a board game).

    Our most famous pack - Mini MOC remains to date the "Templiers" coin pack and its 3 Knights Templar armed and protecting the famous treasure (36 pieces). We also created following this commercial success, the - Mini MOC "Royal" pack on the occasion of the release of the LEGO® The Castle of the Lion Knights (LEGO® 10305) box in August 2022 for the 90th anniversary of the Danish brand. Finally, thanks to your comments and suggestions on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram), we have designed 3 packs - Mini MOC especially for the development of your LEGO® cities (the "Urbain" pack, the "Ecology" pack and the "Money" pack). In addition, when Queen Elizabeth II died in September 2022, we wanted to pay her a final tribute, in our own way, with a small pack - Mini MOC containing a United Kingdom flag, a tea box and a cup, a portrait of her favorite Corgi, portraits of the Queen, the Stud Pistols album and royal coats of arms.

    So you will have understood, at Super Briques we have a creative spirit and we are committed to offering you a different and timely choice with our original Mini MOC packs.

  • Custom Roadsigns

    Customize your LEGO® playground with our Super Briques custom parts on themed of signs. Erecting your city and accessorize your roads and buildings with information signs and road signs. Free collection of your order at our premises in Vendée / France.

    Enhance your LEGO® constructions with a custom-made city sign or street sign from an incredible choice of names of French cities and streets. Our best seller ? The street sign "rue des Afol" of course. You can also create the panel you need yourself via our online customization mode, if it is not in our catalog. Also discover our other personalized Super Briques parts to ensure the safety and information of used road figurines: clip signs for vertical road signs, billboard (flowery city), temporary traffic signs (works and construction sites) as well as humorous and offset signs to signal the presence of zombies, radiation and even a quarantine zone !

    In addition, we have specialized since 2020 in the sale of new LEGO® difficult to find because they are stopped by the brand. So find the rare pearl to please a LEGO® fan among a wide choice of LEGO® boxes, Polybags and figurines. Discover all our LEGO® universes: Avatar, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars and many others. In addition, we offer you hundreds of new LEGO® spare parts that you can filter by price, color or shape to find them easily and quickly.

    In the end, you will find at Super Briques lots of gift ideas for the birthday of your little one or for your other half... or for yourself !

  • Pictogram
  • Police - Army - Emergency

    Admirers of the security forces, the Army and the rescue services will find a large selection of LEGO® custom pieces on this theme on our online store.

    Enrich your LEGO® dioramas with our personalized LEGO® Police - Army - Rescue parts and thus increase the realism of your buildings and vehicles. Discover an impressive choice of printed tiles and flags for the Gendarmerie, the National Police, the GIGN, the UAS, the Firefighters, the SWAT, the Air Force and the Army, the National Navy and the CRS. At Super Briques we have even created unusual objects to accessorize your LEGO® figurines : C4 pack, first aid kit, radioactive vial and many other really cool utensils. In addition, we invented a LEGO® Mini MOC pack on the theme of the Covid 19 pandemic that we called "Pandemic" (simply). In this blister you will find plenty of essential equipment to protect and treat your LEGO® figurine population: glove box, disinfectant spray, medication and syringe to administer the vaccine.

    In addition, we are specialized in the sale of rare and exclusive LEGO® sets, removed from sale. Find the perfect gift for a LEGO® fan (small or big) among an incredible choice of official LEGO® boxes, Polybags and figurines. Discover all our LEGO® universes: Star Wars, Marvel, Ninjago, Ideas, Pirates, City, Creator, Disney and all the others. Finally, you can customize your LEGO® with our LEGO® customization application in UV printing and choose from a wide catalog of saved parts and designs. And if you have a project that requires the expertise of our team of graphic designers, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Finally, share your achievements with our entire community on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and keep yourself informed of our news by subscribing to our newsletter.

  • Transportation

    Enjoy building a railway station or an international airport thanks to all our customs transport parts, designed and printed by the Super Briques shock team.

    Discover endless playing possibilities with our personalized parts by UV printing on the theme of transport. You will find in this category of our Super Briques site, all the parts you need to make the diorama of a station, an airport, a metro station, a seaport or for road transport. Our greatest success ? Our famous automatic radar is more real than life, but on the scale of a LEGO® figurine. Your population of figurines will tremble at the sight of this control device that will detect all traffic violations... watch out for the fine !

    In addition, LEGO® diorama enthusiasts with trains are sure to find their happiness with our railway station customs parts: traffic signs, illuminated automatic block signs, track signs and many more. In addition, our creative team has worked hard to offer you plenty of exclusive customs parts to enhance your LEGO® airport or seaport. Find all the signage necessary to access your LEGO® game universes: signs, display for baggage check-in, boarding, information panels and all track markings. Do not hesitate to take a detour to our LEGO® spare parts category and our range of official LEGO® figurines (City, series, Marvel) to complete your LEGO® creations.

    Finally, we also offer new LEGO® sets, including the latest novelties as well as older models that are difficult to find on the market. You will be able to stock up on gift ideas for Christmas !

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