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D'oh ! The new and official LEGO® Simpsons sets and figurines are at Super Briques !

Mmm a donut ! Relive the adventures of the characters of the famous American TV series created by Matt Groening with our official LEGO® Simpsons sets and figurines to build and collect.

Why are the Simpsons yellow ? Originally, the choice of the yellow color was purely aesthetic. Indeed, the creator of the series chooses yellow because he thinks that this color will more easily capture the eye of viewers when they zap on television (we had to think about it). In addition, the choice of the yellow color offers another advantage since there is no demarcation between the faces of the characters and their blond hair, such as Bart, Lisa or Maggie. This saves significant time to draw them (astute and really clever). Moreover, it is for the same reason that the creator draws only 4 fingers to his characters instead of 5 ! Now that you know almost all the secrets of the Simpsons series, it's time to have fun building the sets and collecting the new LEGO® Simpsons figurine series available at Super Briques.

Put yourself in the shoes of Homer Simpson, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Martin Prince, Doctor Hibbert and all the others to play to relive the most cult scenes of the satirical episodes of the Simpsons series. Have fun alone or with your family building (or destroying, everyone does what they want, we are not here to judge) the original LEGO® Simpsons sets. Moreover, you can completely let go and express your outstanding artistic and creative side by building your own donut pastry from A to Z with our new LEGO® retail spare parts. You will find the official LEGO® donuts (still warm) in the food section and if you need inspiration for your LEGO® creation, you can take a look at our LEGO® Super Briques creations, printed by us thanks to our super UV printer.

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