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Find your happiness at Super Briques, among our large selection of LEGO® Flat bricks in detail. Possible collection of your order in our premises located in Lucs-sur-Boulogne (Vendée / France). We are open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

What to build with LEGO® plates ? Vast question ! Since it is your creativity and imagination that come into play, everything is possible. A spaceship, a house, a motorized vehicle, a boat or a nice little panda... the only watchword is: have fun ! And if you need help building, here are some examples of scales and units of measurement at LEGO® : the most common unit of measurement in the Danish brand is the tenon, which is used for horizontal measurements. A tenon length represents the width of a 1x1 brick. The tenon also refers to the length of the Technic axes (2L for 2 tenons long, 4L for 4,...) Regarding vertical measurements, we talk about brick : for example, a height of 2 bricks represents the height of 2 bricks stacked on each other. We can also express the height in plates : 1 plate = a third of a brick in height.

What are LEGO® spare parts ? At Super Briques, we have in stock thousands of new and original LEGO® parts (bricks, plates, tiles, animals, parts for figurines, figurine accessories, base plates or doors, windows, barriers and plants). Easily find what you need to build your diorama by sorting by name, color or shape. In addition, we offer you official LEGO® sets, new LEGO® figurines, our Super Briques "custom" creations and an online LEGO® parts customization service. Practical, isn't it ? Our personalization service is also open to companies and professionals who wish to communicate in a fun and original way, contact us for more details.

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LEGO® Plates