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Find all the famous original and new LEGO® Looney Tunes figurines to collect them.

Rediscover the fabulous imaginary world of new and original LEGO® Looney Tunes figurines to complete your collection, thanks to the incredible choice available at Super Briques, a French website based in Vendée (France).

Originally, the Looney Tunes is a very popular series of cartoons featuring characters, toons, character and personality all more fun from each other in unlikely situations. Have fun recreating the famous gags of the series with all the new LEGO® Looney Tunes protagonists that you will find at Super Briques. As far as I am concerned, I watched all the episodes of the Looney Tunes with my older brother to only see if the coyote managed to catch Bip Bip ! Honestly, didn't you find it annoying that the coyote never manages to get his hands on his prey ? Well, I do ! But in reality, the writers of the series never intended to stop the coyote from chasing the bird Bip Bip.

What are the LEGO® Looney Tunes characters ? The new LEGO® Looney Tunes series of figurines, released in limited edition in May 2021, consists of 12 fantastic and emblematic characters from the original Looney Tunes animated series. The first LEGO® Looney Tunes figurine is the endearing gray rabbit, Bugs Bunny, with the famous replica: "Uh... what's new, doctor ?". The second character to discover is the pretty rabbit, the LEGO® figurine Lola Bunny, Bug's Bunny's girlfriend. Try to find in one of the LEGO® bags "mystery" the unpredictable LEGO® Daffy Duck figurine, Bugs Bunny's rival. Also, the complete series of new and official LEGO® Looney Tunes figurines includes Sylvester and Tweety, the little malicious yellow canary and his always losing cat antagonist. Moreover, do you remember Tweety's fetish replica with is: "I thought I saw a buddy cat" ? Hilarious ! Finally, the LEGO® Looney Tunes series of figurines is also composed of the LEGO® Petunia pig figure, the LEGO® Porky pig figure, Speedy Gonzales, Taz, Marvin the Martian and our 2 favorite LEGO® figurines: Bip Bip and the coyote.

In the end, you will able to have fun and remember good memories with Super Briques and the new and official LEGO® Looney Tunes collection, which will certainly make a great idea for a cheap little gift for children or adult cartoon fans. Please contact us if you have any question.