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New Genuine LEGO® minifigures


  • Series 1 to 26

    Discover the latest news in new and official LEGO® series figurines. No more approximate trial and error, we open them for you at Super Briques.

    Thanks to the LEGO® series figurines, children and adults can add plenty of play possibilities to all official LEGO® sets. Discover fun LEGO® characters, all more original from each other: Little Red Riding Hood (series 7), the genius (series 6), the flower pot girl (series 18), the beekeeper (series 21) or the newest popcorn costume in series 23. At Super Briques we particularly love all LEGO® figurines from the series with unusual costumes (peas, banana, pug, pencil or even chili). Have fun collecting them all and creating an entire wall of LEGO® figurines ! And thanks to the incredible choice of series figurines that you will find on our site, you have the opportunity to offer a LEGO® fan a cheap little gift that will certainly please you.

    Did you know that official LEGO® figurines are the best-known toy in the world ? They were created in 1975 and initially had arms glued to the body and legs motionless. From 1989 we can note a change of face with many other different expressions. A bestseller was born. In addition, you can find in our category of LEGO® figurines many other fantastic figurines such as Star Wars or Harry Potter figurines. Also discover our wide selection of spare parts for LEGO® figurines (heads, hats, hair, legs and torsos individually) as well as our virtual module to customize a complete figurine by UV printing to your effigy.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the customization of LEGO® parts and subscribe to our social networks to follow our news (on Facebook and Instagram).

  • City

    Organize your LEGO® city and give it life with all our official LEGO® City figurines, available right away at Super Briques. Shipping on the same day if the order is placed before 11am.

    Are you looking for a special LEGO® figurine ? You will find your happiness at Super Briques, the French reference site in the field. Whether you need a police officer for your LEGO® police station, an astronaut for your special space mission or a LEGO® baby to announce your pregnancy in an original way, we have all the figurines in stock to enhance your game universe ! In addition, we make it a point of honor to offer you ever more choices and novelties by finding for you around the world original LEGO® figurines (LEGO® Monochrome figurines), rare as well as the brand new series of official LEGO® figurines.

    In addition, we offer you a wide range of new and original LEGO® City sets as well as thousands of new LEGO® spare parts at retail (construction bricks, figurines, transport and many others to discover). So you will have understood, no need to look for noon to two o'clock, our online store is full of nuggets ! And in addition, we also offer you a service for customizing new LEGO® parts online in our dedicated section. The possibilities are practically endless so make your imagination and creativity speak to increase the realism of your LEGO® creations. Your friends will not come back and you will be all the rage at the LEGO® exhibitions.

    Finally, if you want to follow our news and keep you informed of our latest news, take a look at our blog and social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

  • Classic Space

    Lovers of the LEGO® Classic Space universe will be conquered with our entire range of new official Classic Space LEGO® figurines, all available in real stock and fast shipping from France.

    You dreamed of it, we did it ! Discover without further delay our LEGO® Space figurines in pop and fun colors. The mythical astronaut comes in several colors : white, yellow, pink, red, orange and others to come. Come back to our site regularly to find the latest news ! We have also taken the liberty of grouping in this category other official LEGO® figurines on the space theme: police officers, soldiers, creatures, Alien... that will help you complete your LEGO® collection or diorama. So go without further delay to conquer the universe aboard your space shuttle and imagine fantastic intergalactic stories with your family ! Have fun recreating scenes from your favorite LEGO® movies or cartoons with these beautiful LEGO® Classic Space figurines.

    At Super Briques, young children, as well as older ones, will be able to dream and take themselves for Thomas Pesquet (if you pass by here dear Thomas, we love you !) with our range of LEGO® Space figurines and stimulate their imagination by recreating a space station, rocket, shuttle or a distant planet inhabited by strange galactic creatures (it's just a suggestion). As you will have understood, we also have new and retail LEGO® spare parts in stock to offer you to help you realize all your imaginary projects. Filter spare parts by shape, colors or universe (Technic, bricks, accessories, tiles, plants, animals, transport or base plates). Finally, you will find on our online store a wide selection of new LEGO® sets (Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Creator, Ideas...) as well as our custom Super Briques pieces, imagined and printed by us thanks to UV printing technology.

    Share your passion for bricks with us by joining us on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and keep an eye on our latest news ! And if you have any questions, you can contact us easily and quickly.

  • DC Comics
  • Disney

    Young and old children will be delighted to discover their favorite cartoon characters in official LEGO® Disney figurines. Wide choice of rare and untraceable LEGO® Disney figurines at low prices. Fast delivery and rewarded loyalty.

    Since the creation of Super Briques, our credo has been to offer you a different choice from what you will find in major brands by offering you new LEGO® removed from sale and exclusive. This is the case of the LEGO® Disney figurines that we have in stock in our premises in Vendée / France and available immediately. Quickly find Stitch, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Ursula, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Elsa or Alice in Wonderland. Official LEGO® figurine collectors will be happy to discover our other ranges of figurines: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Muppets, City or the Middle Ages. In addition, we have a wide range of new LEGO® sets (Avatar, Technic, Creator...) and spare parts (bricks, tiles, nature, animals, building) to help you create your LEGO® play space from A to Z.

    In addition, we have acquired UV printers (which work a little like an inkjet printer but with greater precision and an incredible rendering) that allow us to offer you a whole range of custom parts (our original creations): packs, figurine accessories, panels, food and many others to discover. You can also customize LEGO® parts online through our LEGO® section to customize. Great, isn't it ?

    If you have any questions about our LEGO® parts customization service, whether you are an individual or a company, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Harry Potter

    Collect all the LEGO® figurines of the characters of the Harry Potter saga in stock on our online store. Fans of this enchanted and magical universe will be in heaven.

    At Super Briques, we offer you a large selection of new and original LEGO® Harry Potter figurines. Are you missing a LEGO® Harry Potter character ? We probably have it ! In addition, we regularly put news online. Discover without further delay the famous sorcerers: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Moaning Myrtle, Draco Malfoy, Hagrid or Albus Dumbledore and many other Hogwarts teachers and elsewhere. Complete your LEGO® Harry Potter sets or find lots of affordable LEGO® gift ideas for a magically crazy child or adult. You can also invent lots of crazy stories while having fun combining Harry Potter characters with other LEGO® figurine universes: City, Star Wars or even Disney.

    On the other hand, we offer you in addition to the official LEGO® Harry Potter figurines, a wide range of original LEGO® sets (Technic, Marvel, Creator, Disney, DC Comics, Ninjago, Friends and many other universes to discover). In addition, you can find thousands of LEGO® retail and new spare parts at Super Briques. Order easily and quickly the bricks or accessories you need by filtering by shape or color. Finally, we have an online LEGO® parts customization service that will allow you to express your creativity and stand out in a unique and original way in all your LEGO® creations.

    Finally, we carry out on request, all your quote requests (individual or professional) if you have a particular project to carry out with customization on LEGO®. Contact us without further delay, our dedicated team will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Looney Tunes
  • Marvel
  • Minecraft
  • Monochrome

    Make your inner artist skills speak with our range of official LEGO® Monochrome characters ! Our goal is to expand this range from the LEGO® Set Everyone is great (reference 40516) by adding all possible colors to help you complete your collection and recreate a rainbow.

    Thanks to Super Briques, you can use your neurons and artistic faculties to imagine a unique and original creation by staging these united LEGO® figurines. I would see, as a personal example, a statue at the scale of a child (about 3 apples, a lemon and a banana). It would consist of a multitude of LEGO® Monochrome figurines that I would stick together and I would play with the different textures of wigs, heads, legs, torsos and hands of the figurines to suggest the features of the child's face, his hair or clothes. If you know the very famous Italian Mannerist painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his famous series of paintings "The Seasons", this is where I want to go precisely. Alexandra

    Otherwise, you can always fall back on a less exuberant but equally ambitious project by building, using our range of official LEGO® spare parts, a fashion museum or Drag Queen cabaret diorama with a burlesque show. We also have many other LEGO® figurines in stock such as Muppets, figurines from series 1 to 24, or special and rare LEGO® figurines to populate your construction and animate it brilliantly. In addition, we provide you with a catalog of spare parts available for customization (we print on LEGO® using a UV printer) to allow you to bring your personal touch to your projects. Beautiful, isn't it ?

    Finally, we offer our services to customize new and original LEGO® parts also to companies and associations. We carry out the project from A to Z (Design, packaging, customization of parts) and if you lack ideas, we have plenty to submit to you.

  • Middle-Age
  • The Muppets
  • Ninjago
  • Pirates
  • Simpsons
  • Rarities
  • Star Wars

    Enter the fantastic and legendary world of the Star Wars saga with our selection of new and official LEGO® Star Wars figurines, available now and in real stock on our online store. Daily shipments from France throughout Europe.

    Star Wars fans will be able to enjoy themselves with all our LEGO® Star Wars toys (boxes, Polybags and official figurines). Relive the cult scenes of the films by taking on the role of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia. Combine LEGO® Star Wars figurines with other LEGO® game universes (City, Classic Space or Ninjago) to increase the realism of your LEGO® creations on this fantastic theme. At Super Briques, we also have a wide range of LEGO® spare parts, such as lightsabers, parts for figurines or accessories too cool to enhance your diorama.

    In addition, we offer you the possibility to customize original LEGO® parts directly on our site, by UV printing. The completion times are from 24h to 48h max. Give a unique and original gift to a Star Wars fan for a birthday or Christmas for example. You will make people envious! We can also carry out on simple request, all your more ambitious customization projects, from design to packaging. We also work with companies and associations for the realization of gifts and advertising objects for their internal and external communication. Contact us for more information on this subject.

    Finally, earn loyalty points at Super Briques with every purchase and turn them into discounts to enjoy discounts on LEGO® throughout the year.

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Super Briques, the French website of the new and official LEGO® parts and sets. You will appreciate at Super briques the incredible choice of new and original LEGO® figurines.

are you a collector of new LEGO® figurines? You are in the right place ! At Super Briques we have in stock, in our warehouse based in Vendée, thousands of official LEGO® figurines available immediately. Our stocks are updated in real time and we put news online almost every day, except on Sundays since we go surfing in the morning and then to granny Huguette with the children. But since you are a fan of the official LEGO® minifigurines, you probably know that the modern figurine (with its face and iconic smile) appeared in 1978. In 44 years, the catalog of original LEGO® characters currently has more than 8,000 different references, including the famous LEGO® figurine the ghost that glows in the dark (released in 1990) and the first LEGO® baby Minifig born in 2016. In addition, the color of the heads of LEGO® men is yellow so that any child in the world can identify with LEGO® figurines, regardless of their skin color. We had to think about it ! Moreover, it was not until 2003 that the first skin color (reddish brown) appeared to a LEGO® character in the Star Wars range.

Are you looking for a gift idea for your LEGO® fan father ? Discover at Super Briques all our new and official LEGO® figurines. First of all, to find the ideal gift, you have to ask yourself the right question: which universe of LEGO® figurines is made for him ? Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the ranges of new LEGO® figurines you will find on our Super Briques site: Series 1 to 22, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Ninjago, Harry Potter, City, Disney, Looney Tunes, Pirates, Middle Ages, Simpson and the specials and rares.

In the end, you guessed that at Super Briques we do everything to offer you a huge choice of new and original LEGO® figurines, as well as sets and spare parts.