LEGO® sets Middle-Age

Experience adventures of knights and dragons with all our original and new Middle Ages LEGO® sets, available immediately and in fast delivery from our warehouse in Vendée (located in Les-lucs-sur-Boulogne / France).

Creative young children can play and have fun for hours building a fortified castle, magical creatures, a superb catapult, a guard station, an armory or even an inn. Collect and play with all the iconic LEGO® Castle figurines such as black falcon knights, crusaders, foresters, black knights, wolf gang, dragon masters, king knights and knights of fear. Invent your own stories on the theme of the medieval period and fantastic legends with all the rare LEGO® sets you will find at Super Briques. Develop children's imaginative minds by exploring endless play opportunities with a quality and world-renowned construction toy to help children develop their fine motor skills, emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Combine our LEGO® Middle Ages sets with other official LEGO® sets such as: LEGO® Ideas sets, LEGO® Creator sets, LEGO® Pirates sets or LEGO® Harry Potter sets for even more action and captivating stories. All our LEGO® Middle-ages sets will also make wonderful gifts for all young children over 6 years old and for all adult fans of the medieval universe. In addition, do not hesitate to visit our LEGO® retail spare parts section where you will find everything you need to complete and enrich your original LEGO® creations (bricks, tiles, windows, doors, figurine accessories, plants, printed parts, animals and many others).

Finally, we offer you the possibility to customize new LEGO® parts yourself by UV printing via our virtual application by browsing our ready-to-use models or by downloading your own graphics, image and/or text.

LEGO® sets Middle-Age