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Travel the oceans and go on an adventure with our range of LEGO® Pirates toys.

Since 2020, Super Briques has been the reference site for official and new LEGO® Pirates sets. Find your happiness among a wide selection of exclusive boxes, rare figurines and pirate-themed accessories at affordable prices.

On boarding sailor ! Relive the incredible adventures of colonial sailors with all our new and official LEGO® Pirates sets (boxes, figurines and accessories). Dive back into childhood by rediscovering the mythical LEGO® Pirates sets and recreating your army of pirates with our new LEGO® Pirate figurines: the pirate captain, the little foam, the corsair, Lady Anchor, the wooden leg pirate, the mustached pirate and the pirate girl. Since LEGO® Pirates sets have been stopped since 2015 by the LEGO® group, you will find at Super Briques only exclusive and hard-to-find Pirate sets, but always new and sealed. We pay particular attention to the condition of the LEGO® boxes we offer you and the packaging of your order.

Need new LEGO® spare parts for your LEGO® Pirates diorama ? At Super Briques we have in stock hundreds of new LEGO® parts at retail, available immediately and in fast delivery from Vendée / France. Filter by price, color, size and shape to find what you need to finalize your LEGO® pirate creation. Choose from flags, printed parts (pieces and treasure map), rocks, crystals, boat masts, crates, dishes, plants, marine animals, food, spare parts for LEGO® figurines and many more! Also discover our original LEGO® Super Briques creations to complete your game universe.

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