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Find all your favorite LEGO® characters from the famous publishing house, DC Comics.

Relive the incredible adventures and action scenes of your favorite comics with all the new and original LEGO® DC Comics figurines and sets, on sale at Super Briques at unbeatable prices.

Free the superhero in you and face your enemies with the help of your superpowers to finally enforce order and justice in your city. Whether you are a fan of Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, you will certainly find your happiness at Super Briques, the French specialist in new and official LEGO® DC Comics boxes and figurines. Of course, if you are a fan of the super villains of the DC Comics universe, you can treat yourself and find the perfect gift for a LEGO® DC fan among our wide selection of official LEGO® DC Comics polybags and figurines: The Joker, Mr Freeze, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, the Penguin and many more !

Do you want to customize your LEGO® DC Comics collection ? Bring a touch of originality and personify your LEGO® DC sets yourself with our LEGO® online service to customize in UV printing. We offer hundreds of references of new LEGO® bricks, presentation plates for LEGO® figurines or classic LEGO® tiles that you can modify by adding images, graphics and even text ! Express your creativity and find the ideal personalized gift for the birthday of a child aged 6 and over or simply for an adult over 18 fan of the DC Comics universe.

In the end, at Super Briques you will find an incredible choice of LEGO® DC Comics toys and you can also give free feel to your imagination by creating the perfect gift.