You ordered a LEGO® but the uncle had just given you the same gift? You placed your order early in the morning (or late in the evening) with only one eye open and you want to return an item to us? Or Harry Potter is no longer the favorite star for your toddler and you have finally set your sights on Darth Vader? (If so, it happens)
Fortunately, it is quite possible to return your order to us within 14 days of receiving your package.

How to make a product return, step by step

To make a return request, go to your order history in your customer area.

Choose the order that contains the product(s) you wish to return and then validate the product and the quantity you wish to return. Fill in the reason, print your return form to join to the parcel and go to La Poste, Mondial Relay or ...

Upon receipt of your package, we will check that the packaging is not damaged, that Medor or the cat has not chewed a piece or the entire box ... After validation of your return, we will proceed to the refund within 24-48 hours according to the method of payment you had chosen when ordering (refund by transfer, PayPal or credit card ...)

You are informed at any time of the follow-up of your return (waiting for validation, waiting for the parcel, parcel received, return accepted, order reimbursed...). And you can also contact us in case of questions, doubts.

In summary:

  • Login to your account
  • Order History
  • Selection of the product to return
  • Select quantity
  • Adding the reason
  • Validate the return request
  • Wait for our validation (24-48h)
  • Print the return form
  • Make a nice solid package
  • Drop it off at the post office, relay point...

Any doubt about the return procedure?  Contact us.

Can I return an open box? A torn polybag?

A relevant question, indeed... and even if you give us the pretty sweet eyes of Shrek's cat, we can't accept. Once a LEGO® set is no longer sealed or a polybag is opened, we will no longer be able to put it back on sale on our site. We only sell new and official LEGO®, not used LEGO® at Super Briques. This is why we cannot accept returns of items with open packaging.

What about spare parts?

For LEGO® spare parts, they are sold individually and put in small bags by us. It is therefore possible to return ordered spare parts to us. Their condition will of course have to be as you received it, i.e. new, clean, without scratches and never used.

Is it possible to return a personalized part?

At Super Briques, it is possible to order real personalized LEGO®. You can add a name, a sentence, a word, an image, a drawing... Once personalized, these pieces cannot be requested for a return. Indeed, how could we put a piece up for sale with a personalized message? A brick with "Bon anniv' granny Georgette" would be rather complicated to sell, as you can imagine.

When in doubt, we are always available to help you check your masterpieces if you need help with design. We can be reached from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm