Sets LEGO® Friends

Develop your children's interpersonal skills and imagination through game learning with the official LEGO® Friends sets you will find at Super Briques. Imagine role-playing games and everyday scenes with LEGO® Friends toys.

Thanks to the pretty little LEGO® Friends dolls, animals (too cute), buildings (shops, beach, farm, cabin, amusement park) and vehicles, your dear children will love to imagine and play for hours with their friends inspired by their own experience. They will also be able to combine LEGO® Friends sets with other LEGO® sets (LEGO® City, for example) and thus create their own game universe around LEGO®. In addition, some official LEGO® Friends sets that you will find on our Super Briques website make young children aware of actions to protect the environment (animal protection, green energy, deforestation, etc.).

Take turns on the LEGO® Friends characters (Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea and Stéphanie) who are all 5 passionate about music, nature, sport, science and art. Your little girl will easily be able to identify with one of them and be inspired by their personalities to grow and flourish fully. In addition, we offer you a wide range of new LEGO® spare parts at retail to complete your children's constructions. Quickly and easily find LEGO® animals, LEGO® food and LEGO® building bricks by filtering by color, shape or price.

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Sets LEGO® Friends