At Super Briques we only sell original LEGO® pieces. This means that they are real LEGO® bricks.

They are not copies or other brands.

The pieces we sell are brand new.

Are the boxes of the LEGO® sets sealed?

The boxes and polybags on the site are sealed and have never been opened.

You can give them as gifts or keep them in your collection.

They are not used pieces that have already been used or have gathered dust.

And the figurines ?

Again, these are new LEGO® figures. Some have a Polybag or a small box and others not. It will depend on the figure.

Either way, they are brand new, clean and shiny!

How can you be sure it's a LEGO® piece?

LEGO® pieces all have the brand name clearly identifiable. On the bricks, for example, the name is located on the studs.

On most pieces (some are too small) you can also find the LEGO® part number.

The inscription @ YEAR LEGO® Group is visible on the LEGO® pieces.

Some pieces are too small to have an inscription, but with a magnifying glass we could maybe find it.

But what about the Customs Super Bricks?

We only customize real new LEGO® pieces. We use different colored pieces on which we print the different designs.

To offer yourself a personalized piece is to offer yourself a LEGO® piece.

How can you be sure it's a real LEGO® piece? How is it possible to still have new LEGO® collector sets?

This is the secret of Super Bricks ;-) We can't say it, you can imagine but we manage to do it and so we offer you a wide range of LEGO® products

I have a doubt about a piece

If you bought it at Super Briques no doubt about it. It is a real new LEGO® piece. But don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Our strength is to be available for you through our customer service