LEGO® Classic Bricks

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Find a selection of new LEGO® building bricks in our dedicated range. Make your imagination and creative spirit speak to realize all your LEGO® construction ideas or to complete your LEGO® sets.

Do you need new LEGO® elements to complete your diorama ? Quickly find the right spare part from a wide choice of new and official LEGO® building bricks. At Super Briques, we make it a point of honor to offer you choice, quality (we only sell new and original LEGO®) and novelty every week. Find LEGO® classic 2x4 bricks, inclined bricks, inverted bricks, modified bricks (1x2 masonry brick reference 98283, for example) and round bricks (1x1 3062b round bricks).

In addition, fans of the LEGO® Technic range will find their happiness among our choice of LEGO® Technic connectors, gears and bars. In addition, you will find in our LEGO® building brick category the flat bricks (classic flats, round flats and special flats) that are used for the construction of buildings, vehicles, ships or to create animals or characters. You will certainly also need LEGO® cones, domes, antennas or bars to complete your game universe. And the most important thing for the end : don't forget to acquire one or more LEGO® base plates that will serve as a support for all your achievements.

Finally, we offer you a rich and fun range with a large choice of LEGO® printed parts to enhance and enrich your dioramas (bank notes, radar screen, honeycomb or the famous treasure map).

LEGO® Classic Bricks