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Explore the galaxy with our and new LEGO® Star Wars sets and figurines.

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of the cult film saga by building new and official LEGO® Star Wars sets available immediately at Super Briques.

Whether you are a Jedi knight on the bright side of the force or a great Sith Lord who perfectly masters the dark side, you will find your happiness among an amazing range of original LEGO® Star Wars toys on our Super Briques site. Personally, I have always dreamed of boarding Han Solo's famous LEGO® ship: the Millennium Falcon. I imagine shaking his hand and meeting his legendary co-driver, the famous Chewbacca. Besides, I never understood what the Wookie warrior was saying but he looks really nice and sweet. Being passionate about LEGO® Star Wars since I was a teenager, I collect all LEGO® Star Wars mini-figurines and I am very proud to be able to show my friends my incredible LEGO® collection, which I carefully store in a dedicated room.

You must certainly wonder that LEGO® Star Wars figurines exist in my collection ? First of all, I started my collection of new LEGO® Star Wars figurines after a birthday gift for my 10th birthday (thanks dad). It was the LEGO® Star Wars 9515 the malicious box (General Grievous's ship). Immediately, I loved building the set which is incredible but I especially flashed on General Grievous's LEGO® figurine and its 4 accessories, the famous LEGO® lightsabers ! My love for LEGO® Star Wars figurines was born. Subsequently, I sought to expand my collection by buying official LEGO® single figurines from Super Briques, as well as LEGO® Star Wars polybags with Jedi or Sith characters. Today I have the LEGO® Darth Vader figurine (my favorite), the LEGO® Chewbacca figurine, the LEGO® figurine of Emperor Palpatine, the pretty Princess Leia in LEGO® and of course: the highly sought-after LEGO® Yoda figurine. Adrien.

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