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Fall back into childhood with all our new and original LEGO® Classic Space items.

LEGO® Classic Space lovers will jump for joy at the sight of our selection of new and official LEGO® items on the theme of space. Real stock, fast delivery and careful packaging from the Vendée / France.

Are you looking for vintage LEGO® Space figurines ? Discover at Super Briques our entire range of original and new figurines (we insist on these 2 crucial points, it's important). Conquer space with the iconic LEGO® astronauts of the 80s and 90s and collect them all! Their pretty colors (white, yellow, pink, blue, green, orange...) will ensure a crazy effect at LEGO® events or in all your creations on the theme of space.

In addition, we strive to find LEGO® Space sets as well as LEGO® spare parts on the same theme. Attention ! There won't be one for everyone, LEGO® Space is ultra sought after by all collectors and fans of the brand. In addition, we have everything you need in stock to create your LEGO® Classic Space diorama : parts to make your space shuttle, windshield, weapons or rocks. You will also find a large selection of accessories, animals and bricks. Also, we offer you new LEGO® sets: Avatar, Technic or Star Wars (to stay in the theme of space). Finally, have fun customizing spare parts from our catalog via our dedicated section. Great, isn't it ? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this, we work for individuals as well as professionals and associations.

In short, you are sure to find at Super Briques everything you need to satisfy your passion for LEGO® and also, full of great ideas to offer a unique and timeless gift.