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Put a little "Roarrr" in your game universe with our selection of LEGO® Jurassic World toys.

Discover the incredible world of dinosaurs by entering the famous theme park with our selection of original and new LEGO® Jurassic World items, with quick and easy order at super Briques.

Fan of Jurassic World movies ? So go on an adventure with Super Briques and relive all the most cult scenes of your favorite movies by building the official LEGO® Jurassic World boxes. Develop your science skills by discovering paleontology through our LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur-themed toys. Refine your knowledge of T. Rex, the Tricératops, the Pteranodon and the Velociraptors with emblematic characters of the films such as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Doctor Wu. Discover all the new LEGO® Jurassic World boxes and Polybags on different construction themes: buildings, vehicles, scientific laboratory and of course also LEGO® Jurassic World figurines.

If you are looking for a cheap gift idea for an adult Jurassic Park fan or a child over 6 years old LEGO® fan, you have come to the right place ! At Super Briques you will find plenty of gift ideas to do for dinosaur fans and always at nice prices. We strive to put news online every week to offer you more and more choices and at advantageous rates. Also discover our other universes of original LEGO® sets: Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Ninjago and many more !

In addition, we provide you with an application on our site to customize official and new LEGO® parts and you can also find plenty of LEGO® spare parts at retail to enrich your gaming universe.