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Practice fighting against enemies with our new and official LEGO® Ninjago sets.

Enter the dojo with the masters of Spinjitzu and experience epic battles by building the official LEGO® Ninjago sets that you will find in stock at Super Briques, the reference online store for small brick enthusiasts.

With Super Briques, dive into the fantastic world of ninjas and team up with your favorite LEGO® ninja figurines (Lloyd, Nya, Zane, Kai, Wu, Jay and Cole) to divert evil enemy forces. Have fun protecting, with the help of your little brother, the Ninjago city by mastering all the art of spinjitzu alongside the greatest ninja masters and thus annihilate the bad guys. Build your own legend and recreate captivating stories by assembling exceptional boxes such as the gardens of the city of Ninjago, released in February 2021. Have fun creating your own action scenes from the LEGO® Ninjago movie or the Ninjago TV series with robots turned into vehicles, powerful weapons and legendary dragons.

In addition, you can add to your LEGO® Ninjago constructions a lot of new elements to further customize them and add your personal touch with our very large selection of new LEGO® spare parts. You will find plenty of nice LEGO® accessories such as plants, animals, pieces for figurines (hair, heads, torsos, legs) as well as classic bricks. Finally, have fun creating your own personalized LEGO® Ninjago figurine via our online customization mode and become the absolute master of Spinjitzu !

You can also please your classmates for your birthday snack by offering them a cheap LEGO® Ninjago gift with our range of official and new Ninjago® polybags.