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See life in blue, pink, green, yellow, orange or purple with all our official and new LEGO® Monochrome sets.

Everyone is great! Celebrate the optimism and diversity of our world with all our official and new LEGO® Monochrome sets, available immediately.

With Super Briques, teach your young children tolerance and inclusion through beautiful LEGO® Monochrome multicolored sets such as the box Everyone is Awesome (LEGO® 40516) released in June 2021 and which pays tribute to the kindness in our communities. Commit to diversity by allowing everyone to find their place in our society, regardless of their origin, gender and identity. Collect all the official monochrome LEGO® figurines to create a game universe with a pop and colorful design with lots of beautiful colors such as blue, light blue, yellow, black, red, green, pink, orange, white, brown, purple, gold or light gray.

Are you looking for a beautiful LEGO® interior decoration object? You will certainly find your happiness with the LEGO® Monochrome sets! Bring a touch of fun and optimism to your home with all the colors of the rainbow available in new LEGO® parts. You can also make your creativity speak by adding lights and other LEGO® accessories such as plants, animals or food for a very artistic look. In addition, you can very well combine LEGO® Monochrome sets with other LEGO® sets (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and all other LEGO® game universes).

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