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Our vision

We have created Super Briques in order to offer you a wide range of rare and exclusive Legos that have been withdrawn from the market. Tired of always finding the same boxes in stores, our idea is to offer a different choice that will delight all brick lovers, young and old alike!

Our history

Founded on a family passion for Legos, the Super Briques company started its activity in May 2020. This project, thought for a long time, took all its sense at the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis. Passionate about Legos but also parents of young children, we wanted to promote another way to occupy ourselves intelligently, far from the screens. Super Briques was born!

Our values

First and foremost: quality service! Tired of overtaxed numbers, of big brands hiding behind automatic answering machines, of delocalized after-sales services...? At Super Briques, we are easily reachable and our company is based in Vendée. For the rest, we only sell quality items: new Legos! (No second hand, no Asian counterfeit)