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  • Botanical Collection
  • BrickHeadz

    Collect all the beautiful brick figurines with the new and official LEGO® BrickHeadz sets that you will find on our site. Immediate availability and delivery throughout Europe from our warehouse in Vendée / France.

    LEGO® BrickHeadz sets are for adults and children over 6 years old who want to make an original and fun LEGO® collection. Have fun assembling these pretty characters from movies, TV series or these adorable animals made of LEGO® spare parts. Align each set with each other to form a stylized decoration for your living space. The LEGO® BrickHeadz collection also consists of figurines on seasonal themes such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, wedding or birthdays. LEGO® BrickHeadz sets will certainly be an ideal gift to give on any special occasion.

    Mix the LEGO® BrickHeadz sets to create hybrid and original characters (zombie, 3-head dog, mustache witch, Christmas monster) and to entertain your friends. LEGO® BrickHeadz sets can also be combined with other LEGO® sets (Disney, Friends and many others). In addition, we offer you a wide choice of LEGO® retail spare parts to help you create new ways to play LEGO®. Bring your personal touch by becoming the design specialist with our virtual LEGO® customization mode: import your drawings, texts or images to design your creation. Don't you have any inspiration ? No problem ! The creative team of Super Briques has worked for you and offers you lots of more delirious graphics and models to put on our bricks. We use the UV printing process to customize LEGO® parts.

    If you have any questions about LEGO® customization in UV printing, contact us via the form or send us a message on our Instagram.

  • City

    Build a powerful and prosperous city with all the original and new LEGO® City sets available immediately on our site and in fast delivery from France.

    Become the hero (or mayor) of your city by building a metropolis worthy of the name in LEGO® bricks thanks to Super Briques. Develop streets, buildings, shops, homes, leisure spaces and order and rescue services to make your belongings prosper and make your LEGO® figurines happy. Assemble and modulate at your convenience all the official and new LEGO® City sets, available on our Super Briques website, and invent your own game stories for guaranteed hours of fun, for both young and old children. Enhance your urban universe with LEGO® Technic, LEGO® Creator or even LEGO® Ideas sets. In addition, explore our wide range of official LEGO® figurines to complete your city and make it more realistic.

    Do you know the SimCity video game ? So play for real to create and modify your city with LEGO® City sets ! Take care of the creation of green spaces (if you have a green hand of course) using new LEGO® spare parts such as flowers, plants, foliage and rocks. Arrange the different areas of your agglomeration such as residential areas with our LEGO® parts for the construction of houses or buildings (bricks, windows, doors, and barriers). In addition, you will find on our site categories of LEGO® parts that we particularly like: animals and food.

    Finally, discover our virtual application for customizing LEGO® parts by UV printing and which will allow you to create endlessly all your craziest ideas ! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this service.

  • Creator

    Collect all the fabulous official and new LEGO® Creator sets, available immediately and in fast delivery from our Vendée warehouse. Careful packaging and dedicated customer service.

    The LEGO® Creator range is designed especially for adults because the assembly of sets is more complex and detailed than other LEGO® sets (City, Marvel, Star Wars, Pirates or Friends). Take up the latest trendy construction challenge with even more fun details, entertaining features and certain gameplay. Are you looking for a relaxing LEGO® set to build ? Discover without further delay the LEGO® Creator sets such as Assembly square (LEGO® 10255) or the Fiat 500 (LEGO® 10271). Immerse yourself in a fun and soothing activity that will keep you away from daily stress and tension by assembling the small LEGO® pieces step by step.

    Indeed, LEGO® sets, and more particularly LEGO® Creator sets, have demonstrated their relaxing virtues because this manual activity helps to clear your mind and relax. Sit comfortably in front of a good fireplace (next to your cat) or in the shade of a tree near the chicken coop (we love chicks at Super Briques) and start assembling the famous little bricks, you will see, we quickly become addicted... word of enthusiasts ! Brick fans will also find their happiness thanks to our wide range of official LEGO® figurines to collect or insert into your achievements (series 1 to 23, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Monochrome and many more).

    Finally, find all your missing parts from our incredible range of LEGO® retail spare parts that we provide in new products every week.

  • DC Comics

    Make your imagination run wild with all our official and new LEGO® DC Comics sets, available now on our Super Briques website. Order your LEGO® DC Comics toys easily and quickly in fast delivery from Vendée.

    Invent your own fantastic adventures by playing with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and all the other famous characters in the DC Comics universe with global success. Assemble the small LEGO® bricks to recreate and bring the DC Comics universe to life. LEGO® DC Comics sets go perfectly with all other LEGO® game universes such as LEGO® Marvel, LEGO® Star Wars, LEGO® City and LEGO® Technic sets. Find the perfect gift for a child fan of LEGO® and superhero among hundreds of new and official references of boxes, Polybags and LEGO® figurines. Also discover our selection of new LEGO® spare parts for retail (bricks, tiles, accessories, food, animals, plants and many others).

    Since June 2021 Super Briques also offers you its service of customization of official LEGO® parts by UV printing. But what is UV printing ? UV printing is an innovative digital printing technique that consists of instantly polymerizing inks on a wide range of different materials using a UV lamp. Find inspiration to create your own figurine in your image or to customize your LEGO® creations from our catalog of LEGO® parts available immediately and our bank of images, texts, graphics to insert directly. Share your experience and ideas by subscribing to our social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

    Finally, if you are a professional, a company or an association, contact us for more information and develop a tailor-made quote together for free. We will be happy to accompany you in all your communication projects.

  • Disney

    Bring the magic of the Disney world into your home with our official and new LEGO® Disney sets. Give a unique gift for hours of magical play with the Super Briques website. Fast delivery and neat packaging.

    Expand your LEGO® Disney toy collection with all our exclusive LEGO® sets, available immediately. Give the perfect Disney gift to a young child over 4 years old or an adult fan of Disney's enchanted universe. Collect iconic Disney characters such as Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Lightning Buzz, Woody, Donald, Picsou, the Cheshire Cat, Ariel and all the other Disney princesses with our selection of new LEGO® Disney figurines. Relive the emotion of Disney movies by building the official LEGO® Disney sets such as the miniature Disney castle (LEGO® 40478), the Rapunzel Tower (LEGO® 43187) or the Madrigal house (LEGO® 43202).

    In addition, you can invent your own Disney universe with our wide selection of new LEGO® spare parts and build the castle of your dreams. Assemble the building bricks and all the necessary elements on a LEGO® base plate and you're done ! Don't forget to accessorize your diorama with our various LEGO® accessories (plants, animals, food, windows, windows, doors and flags). Finally, Super Briques offers you the opportunity to add your little personal paw to your creations thanks to our LEGO® module to customize in UV printing. Insert images, drawings, text and graphics close to use on a selection of spare parts.

    In the end, you will have understood, at Super Briques we strive to offer you a thousand and one ways to have fun and make your imagination work.

  • Limited editions -...

    Find the rare pearl among all our official LEGO® Limited and special editions sets. Find the perfect gift for your LEGO® fan husband or for your children. Fast delivery and neat packaging.

    Are you looking for a rare LEGO® set ? You are in the right place ! Super Briques has specialized since 2020 in rare and exclusive LEGO® sets. We are browsing new LEGO® boxes in the 4 corners of the globe that are difficult to find and in limited edition, for your greatest pleasure. LEGO® Limited and Special Editions sets are generally seasonal sets, on different themes such as: Christmas, Easter, Halloween and birthday parties. But you will also find in this LEGO® universe LEGO® Harry Potter, Star Wars, BrickHeadz or Marvel sets; as well as tributes to famous personalities (Tribute to Jane Goodall - LEGO® 40530). LEGO® Special and Limited Editions sets can be combined together for even crazier hours of play.

    Collect LEGO® Limited Editions sets - official specials and impress your friends with iconic constructions such as the Castle of the Lion Knights (LEGO® 10305) released in August 2022. Brighten up your playground by adding special and rare official LEGO® figurines as well as the latest news: series figurines. Finally, for more realism, you can customize your brick creations at your convenience and according to your ideas with our wide range of official and new LEGO® spare parts at retail. Filter by price, color, shape and quickly and easily add to your cart what you need to finalize your project. Also discover our LEGO® parts customization service in UV printing.

    Finally, follow us on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) to share your passion for LEGO® and be aware of our news.

  • Friends

    Develop your children's interpersonal skills and imagination through game learning with the official LEGO® Friends sets you will find at Super Briques. Imagine role-playing games and everyday scenes with LEGO® Friends toys.

    Thanks to the pretty little LEGO® Friends dolls, animals (too cute), buildings (shops, beach, farm, cabin, amusement park) and vehicles, your dear children will love to imagine and play for hours with their friends inspired by their own experience. They will also be able to combine LEGO® Friends sets with other LEGO® sets (LEGO® City, for example) and thus create their own game universe around LEGO®. In addition, some official LEGO® Friends sets that you will find on our Super Briques website make young children aware of actions to protect the environment (animal protection, green energy, deforestation, etc.).

    Take turns on the LEGO® Friends characters (Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea and Stéphanie) who are all 5 passionate about music, nature, sport, science and art. Your little girl will easily be able to identify with one of them and be inspired by their personalities to grow and flourish fully. In addition, we offer you a wide range of new LEGO® spare parts at retail to complete your children's constructions. Quickly and easily find LEGO® animals, LEGO® food and LEGO® building bricks by filtering by color, shape or price.

    Finally, share your photos and family building experience with our community on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram). Also subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest news on our news and promotions.

  • Harry Potter

    Wingardium Leviosa ! Show your magician skills with all our new and original LEGO® Harry Potter sets. Collect the exclusive figurines and have fun for hours building the most beautiful action scenes in the Harry Potter saga.

    How to go back to Hogwarts ? Get on board the Hogwarts Express, put on your sorcerer's dress and assemble the LEGO® bricks to recreate the fantastic universe imagined by J.K. Rowling. Relive the intense moments of the Harry Potter movies by building, for example, the scene of the meeting with Fluffy (the big 3-headed dog) alongside Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Share your knowledge of spells and magic potions by playing with your best friends to concoct a very powerful Polynectar potion with the LEGO® the error of the Polynectar potion box, released in 2021. Combine the official LEGO® Harry Potter sets together to create your own Hogwarts castle and for even more fun.

    For fans of the LEGO® Harry Potter range, you will find at Super Briques a very wide choice of boxes, polybags, figurines and lots of magical accessories to complete your collection and to please at a special event such as for a birthday or Christmas. We also offer you many other incredible sets to assemble with your children such as the official LEGO® Star Wars sets, LEGO® Marvel sets and LEGO® DC Comics sets. In addition, we have hundreds of new LEGO® spare parts in stock, available individually or in larger quantities. Filter your search by price, size, shape and color to find the original LEGO® parts you need.

    In addition, we provide you with a digital interface that will allow you to customize certain LEGO® parts with screen printing thanks to our UV printer.

  • Jurassic World

    Go on an adventure on the island of Isla Nublar to study the creatures of the Jurassic world in the very famous theme park with all our original and new LEGO® Jurassic World sets. Find the perfect gift to give to a fan of all ages of Jurassic World movies.

    Take on the role of your favorite characters such as Owen Grady, the animal behavior specialist and trainer of Velociraptors or Alan Grant (famous paleontologist) with all our original exclusive LEGO® Jurassic World figurines. Have fun building for hours the film's vehicles, iconic buildings such as Dr. Henry Wu's laboratory and the dinosaurs presented in the Jurassic World films. Take a closer look at the morphology of different species of dinosaurs such as T. rex, Giganotosaurus, Atrociraptor, Baryonyx, Pyroraptor or Dilophosaurus. Similarly, relive the epic action scenes from Jurassic World movies by capturing, for example, the Beta and Blue Velociraptors with the LEGO® 76946 The Capture of Beta and Blue Velociraptors set.

    In addition, thanks to Super Briques, you can recreate the sets or buildings of Jurassic World LEGO® movies as you wish using our wide range of new LEGO® retail spare parts. Make your imagination and construction skills speak to build an amusement park with (or almost) living dinosaurs. Assemble LEGO® bricks, tiles, plates, cones and other accessories on a base plate and you're done ! You can also use our virtual platform to customize your LEGO® Jurassic World diorama in UV printing. We can also make a tailor-made quote for your most ambitious projects, do not hesitate to contact us now.

    In summary, at Super Briques you will find everything you need to recreate a dinosaur-themed game universe and to play for hours with your friends.

  • Ideas
  • Marvel

    Put on your most beautiful superhero costume (and your boots) with all our new and original LEGO® Marvel toys, available 7 days a week and in fast delivery from the Vendée.

    It's time to save the world and help young ladies in distress ! Relive the action scenes of your favorite movies with our incredible choice of new and sealed LEGO® Marvel boxes and polybags. Go on a rescue mission by putting yourself in the shoes of your favorite superhero and join the other epic characters in the Marvel universe to defeat the villains. Build buildings, super cool vehicles and powerful weapons to overcome evil. Have fun with Spider-man, Venom, Thor, Iron man, Carnage, Groot ("My name is Groot"), Tony Stark, Captain America, Hulk and many others. Enrich your LEGO® game universe with our other ranges: LEGO® Star Wars, LEGO® DC Comics and LEGO® Ninjago.

    Go further in the transcription of the action scenes of Marvel movies with our wide selection of LEGO® retail spare parts (bricks, tiles, cones, plants, animals...) as well as our LEGO® Super Briques creations and our online service for customizing LEGO® parts in UV printing. The only limit will be your imagination and your skills as a builder ! And if you are looking for an idea for a cheap little gift to give to a Marvel fan, we put new products online every week at a nice price. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have more details about UV printing and go to our social networks (Instagram and Facebook) to be informed of the latest releases.

    As you will have understood, at Super Briques we offer you everything you need to play for hours alone, with family or friends.

  • Middle-age

    Experience adventures of knights and dragons with all our original and new Middle Ages LEGO® sets, available immediately and in fast delivery from our warehouse in Vendée (located in Les-lucs-sur-Boulogne / France).

    Creative young children can play and have fun for hours building a fortified castle, magical creatures, a superb catapult, a guard station, an armory or even an inn. Collect and play with all the iconic LEGO® Castle figurines such as black falcon knights, crusaders, foresters, black knights, wolf gang, dragon masters, king knights and knights of fear. Invent your own stories on the theme of the medieval period and fantastic legends with all the rare LEGO® sets you will find at Super Briques. Develop children's imaginative minds by exploring endless play opportunities with a quality and world-renowned construction toy to help children develop their fine motor skills, emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills.

    Combine our LEGO® Middle Ages sets with other official LEGO® sets such as: LEGO® Ideas sets, LEGO® Creator sets, LEGO® Pirates sets or LEGO® Harry Potter sets for even more action and captivating stories. All our LEGO® Middle-ages sets will also make wonderful gifts for all young children over 6 years old and for all adult fans of the medieval universe. In addition, do not hesitate to visit our LEGO® retail spare parts section where you will find everything you need to complete and enrich your original LEGO® creations (bricks, tiles, windows, doors, figurine accessories, plants, printed parts, animals and many others).

    Finally, we offer you the possibility to customize new LEGO® parts yourself by UV printing via our virtual application by browsing our ready-to-use models or by downloading your own graphics, image and/or text.

  • Ninjago

    Discover the wonderful world of ninjas with the official LEGO® Ninjago sets in stock at Super Briques and give the dream gift to a little boy over 4 years old and an older fan of the LEGO® Ninjago movie and the Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu TV series.

    It's time for the ninja fight ! Combine your strengths and knowledge with your friends and find all the most iconic LEGO® Ninjago characters in our section of official LEGO® Ninjago figurines (Kai, Jay, Zane, Wu, Lloyd, Nya, Ham, Cole, Scott, Okino, Garmadon and all the others). Create your own stories by building the official LEGO® Ninjago boxes and relive the epic action scenes of your favorite movies. The LEGO® Ninjago game universe allows you to assemble lots of incredible toys such as robots, figurines, dragons, buildings and weapons. Children will be delighted to collect the small bags of LEGO® parts (Polybags) that contain a Ninjago figurine and its accessories.

    Get ready to destroy the forces of evil by building LEGO® Ninjago sets such as the Crystal King's Temple (LEGO® 71771) or the Dragon of Overlord (LEGO® 71742). By the way, do you know the story of Garmadon, hero of evil? Originally, Garmadon was Wu's older brother and son of Spinjitzu's very first grand master. Everything went wrong when he was bitten by the Great Devourer from an early age and who made him evil. Therefore, his one and only objective is to bring evil and destruction to life. Later, he had a child with his wife Misoko, Lloyd, who became an excellent ninja very skilled and formidable in combat thanks to his ninja master, the famous Wu. Lloyd manages to defeat Overlord's dragon and thus frees his father from the evil poison that flows through his veins.

    Also know that the LEGO® Ninjago sets you will find at Super Briques are compatible with other LEGO® universes (Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Jurassic World, City, Creator, Harry Potter, Disney and many more to discover).

  • Pirates

    Solve all the mysteries around the Bermuda Triangle or attack a merchant ship with all our new and official LEGO® Pirates sets, available immediately and in fast delivery throughout Europe. Find the rare pearl to expand your LEGO® collection with Super Briques, the French specialist in rare and exclusive LEGO®.

    Let your imagination run wild to invent thrilling pirate stories on board your boat, built of LEGO® bricks ! Throw cannonballs at enemy ships and loot their hold to raffle all the goods on board. Thanks to our selection of original LEGO® Pirates sets, you will be able to play for hours with your little boy bitten by piracy stories. The ease of assembly of LEGO® Pirates sets and the playful assembly of small pieces will allow children over 6 years of age to flourish in the game and learn to develop their fine motor skills, imagination and patience, almost to infinity.

    Since 2020, the Super Briques site has been looking for rare and exclusive LEGO® sets around the world, which you can no longer find on the shelves of major brands. Our credo ? Offer you a different choice of new and official LEGO® boxes, at great prices. In addition, we have acquired an industrial UV printer that allows us to offer you the possibility to customize new LEGO® parts and we have created just for you a whole range of "custom" parts, our LEGO® creations. Enhance your play space and LEGO® dioramas with our coin packs (mini MOC) on different themes (Templars, king, ecology, money, Halloween, Christmas and many more). Do not hesitate to take a look at our other LEGO® universes: City, Friends, Creator, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Technic, Ninjago.

    Finally, we make it a point of honor to offer you an irreproachable service (availability, quality, speed of shipments) and to offer you new products every week to make you dream throughout the year.

  • Star Wars

    It's time to move on the dark side of the force and join Darth Vader and his army with the original and new LEGO® Star Wars sets that you will find on our Super Briques website at affordable prices.

    Combine your passion for the world's most renowned fiction universe with the official LEGO® Star Wars toys and enjoy an incomparable creative and fantastic gaming experience. Play for hours with our entire range of LEGO® boxes, figurines and accessories on the theme of the distant galaxy. Take on the role of a Sith lord or a Jedi master to fight against the dark side of the force or enter the bright side of the force. Get help from the famous LEGO® Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Grogu and all the others. Collect the most beautiful LEGO® Star Wars constructions to impress your family and friends.

    Find the rare pearl with our selection of new LEGO® Star Wars sets that are exclusive and withdrawn from sale to give a child over 6 years old or an informed collector the gift of his dreams. You can also customize your purchase with our LEGO® virtual module to customize in UV printing and our wide selection of new and official LEGO® spare parts. Have our team print your logo, personalized text or graphics on LEGO® bricks, torsos, tiles or accessories and receive your creation in neat packaging. "Wow" effect assured! If you have special requests and want to carry out a more complex project as an individual or company, contact us to discuss your ideas together and carry out a tailor-made support project according to your needs.

    Finally, all our official LEGO® Star Wars toys are compatible with other LEGO® game universes such as LEGO® Marvel sets, LEGO® Ideas, LEGO® Ninjago and many more.

  • Speed Champions
  • Technic

    Increase your LEGO® construction skills with our new and official LEGO® Technic sets, available for fast delivery from the Vendée (cocorico !) With quality and proximity service. We take special care in the packaging of your order.

    The new and original LEGO® Technic sets you will find at Super Briques are for adults and young children over 6 years old who want to go further in LEGO® construction and who are looking to acquire more refined skills to understand how cars, motorcycles, planes and construction machines work. In addition, the official LEGO® Technic sets on our site can be improved and integrated into other game universes such as the LEGO® City or LEGO® Creator range. You can also customize your beautiful LEGO® Technic creations with our online module for customizing original LEGO® parts in UV printing. UV printing offers incredible digital print finesse and photo rendering with exceptional time hold.

    LEGO® Technic models are an ideal gift for little boys who are fans of engineering and who want to explore new ways to build by stimulating their imagination. Adults will not be left behind since the LEGO® Technic range is made for advanced manufacturers. Have fun alone or with your family assembling Technic wheels, tires, axles, gears and bars for an absolutely stunning result of realism ! Collect all the famous and mythical racing cars and exhibit your constructions in your Alibaba cavern (or in your attic).

    For more information or simply to share your experience with us and keep you informed of the latest news or our running offers, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our networks: Instagram and Facebook.

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Super Briques, the specialist in new and original LEGO® parts and sets. You will find at Super Briques a very wide choice of original LEGO® parts and sets.

Looking for a brand new LEGO® set? We, at Super Briques, have hundreds of LEGO® part numbers and sets available ex-stock, because we are working on a real stock base, more enjoyable for you ! Furthermore, we chose to propose you a choice of LEGO® novelties but you'll also find at Super briques exclusive LEGO® sets. Since the beginning of our online sales website, we have specialized in the sale of new LEGO® and withdrawn LEGO® sale. We noted that, for the general public, the choice of official LEGO® sets is always the same in stores. Did you know that the famous Danish brand only leaves their boxes on sale for a few months and no longer produces them afterwards? That's how we started finding new LEGO® boxes removed from the shelves all over the world ! The most difficult thing will be to choose a game universe from all the new LEGO® set themes that exist (and they are all great): Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Ninjago, Jurassic World, Friends, Harry Potter, BrickHeadz, City, Creator, Limited editions, Special ones, Ideas, Middle-age, Pirates and Technic).

Do you want to offer a small new LEGO® set to make a birthday gift or a Christmas gift? Discover all our original LEGO® parts in bags, which are called in the jargon of Afol (so called adults LEGO® fans), polybags. What will a Polybag tell me ? A Polybag is a small plastic bag made of new LEGO® parts in which you usually find an official LEGO® Minifig with all its accessories (it can be weapons, animals or flowers or small LEGO® bricks). Sometimes, the LEGO® bag contains a multitude of new LEGO® spare parts that will allow you to build a spaceship or an adorable little dog step by step.

As you have understood, at Super Briques we focus on an incredible choice of new and official LEGO® items.