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Immerse yourself in the magic of the Disney world with all our original and new LEGO® Disney sets and figurines.

Super Briques, the French site based in Vendée, specialist in certified and new LEGO® Disney sets. You will find on our website a wide variety of LEGO® Disney toys and gifts at great prices and even vintage LEGO® Disney sets.

Extend the magic and replay the scenes of your favorite Disney cartoons with all the official LEGO® Disney sets available immediately at Super Briques. Play with Woody, Buzz Lightning, Mickey and all the Disney princesses in the beautiful LEGO® Disney castle to build or find an original gift idea for your little sister Disney fan. Have fun recreating the mythical amusement park inaugurated in 1992 in Paris, building your own attractions, treat stands and Disney souvenir shops with our giant stock of new LEGO® spare parts and accessories that will help you bring your Disney MOC to life (personal creations of LEGO® fans).

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to expand your LEGO® Disney collection with the series of official and new LEGO® Disney figurines that we have available immediately. Discover all the iconic LEGO® Disney characters such as Picsou, Hercules, Jafar, Raiponce, Cinderella and Snow Queen Elsa. Also, have fun recreating your favorite scenes with their friends like Sebastien the crab and Flounder the moonfish, both faithful companions of the little mermaid by browsing our category of certified LEGO® animals.

That's it, now you have everything you need to play and have fun with your family with our official and new LEGO® Disney items! And don't forget to ask Santa Claus to fulfill your dearest wish: to go to Disneyland Paris or Legoland.