Super Briques offers you to customize new and official LEGO® pieces.

Indeed, via our professional equipment, we can offer you to print the photo of your cat on a LEGO® torso and thus have a unique LEGO® figurine! Or choose a particular message for a surprising and unique gift to offer.

We only use real and new LEGO® parts.

What are the printing times for my order?

Our printing times are fast, we strive to print your order within 24 to 48 hours.

It doesn't count weekends and holidays :-)

For large volume orders, the time can also be extended, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

How to customize a LEGO® piece at Super Briques?

Nothing could be simpler! On our new online store, we wanted to set up an accessible, convenient and fast system. You don't need to be a computer expert or graphic designer to use it.

We have done a little ant work to maximize the customization of your LEGO® pieces while giving you great design freedom. Go to the Custom Parts category to start the adventure!

Did you have a specific idea in mind but the part is not available for customization? Contact us because it is very likely that this will still be possible. On the other hand, for special requests, outside the scope of our online catalog, a graphic creation package and a minimum quantity will be applied.

Can I import my own Design?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. On LEGO® part customizations, you can choose a proposed model and add a first name for example. You can also import one or more photos and also add a message.

On some parts, it is even possible to customize the 2 sides (figurine  sprains or bricks, for example). Don't wait any longer, enjoy!

What is the necessary photo quality?

Of course, an old, poor quality photo will look less pretty. It can be said that the photos taken with current smartphones are more than enough.

In any case, rest assured, on the customization page a message with the optimal formats and sizes for the room to be customized will be indicated to you.

The Super Briques team will contact you if there is a file problem as well. We're not going to leave you alone.

What is UV printing?

Go for a little science! The principle of UV printing is to directly dry the projected ink via a UV lamp (ultra purple). It is possible to obtain beautiful bright colors because they are special UV polymerization inks.

Some texture effects are directly applied in printing: matte, shiny.

On LEGO® pieces that already have bright colors, the rendering will be most beautiful.

There is no drying time with UV printing as mentioned, this reduces the risk of burrs to offer you sharp renderings and a durable grip, resistant to friction.

Does the UV printing fade on the parts?

UV printing is made to last over time and its grip is permanent.

You can scrape, scrub and clean your custom LEGO® pieces with no problem. Within reason of course

Est ce que je peux faire imprimer un logo de marque ?

We are very strict about this: we absolutely cannot print a brand's logo without their approval. Say goodbye to an Apple, Red Bull, Star Wars, Mac Donald's, your favorite soccer team or Coca Cola torso!

Indeed, brands have rights of use, you need a license to use them.

We will let you know what licenses we can use if any.

Can I print the logo of my company?

For the logos of your company or association, this is different! Indeed, you are the owner of your brand, so we can print your logo on LEGO® parts at your request.