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Discover the latest news in new and official LEGO® series figurines. No more approximate trial and error, we open them for you at Super Briques.

Thanks to the LEGO® series figurines, children and adults can add plenty of play possibilities to all official LEGO® sets. Discover fun LEGO® characters, all more original from each other: Little Red Riding Hood (series 7), the genius (series 6), the flower pot girl (series 18), the beekeeper (series 21) or the newest popcorn costume in series 23. At Super Briques we particularly love all LEGO® figurines from the series with unusual costumes (peas, banana, pug, pencil or even chili). Have fun collecting them all and creating an entire wall of LEGO® figurines ! And thanks to the incredible choice of series figurines that you will find on our site, you have the opportunity to offer a LEGO® fan a cheap little gift that will certainly please you.

Did you know that official LEGO® figurines are the best-known toy in the world ? They were created in 1975 and initially had arms glued to the body and legs motionless. From 1989 we can note a change of face with many other different expressions. A bestseller was born. In addition, you can find in our category of LEGO® figurines many other fantastic figurines such as Star Wars or Harry Potter figurines. Also discover our wide selection of spare parts for LEGO® figurines (heads, hats, hair, legs and torsos individually) as well as our virtual module to customize a complete figurine by UV printing to your effigy.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the customization of LEGO® parts and subscribe to our social networks to follow our news (on Facebook and Instagram).

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