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Let your imagination and creativity speak with all our new and official LEGO® items.

Discover the whole world of the LEGO® brand, build original LEGO® sets or make your own LEGO® creations with Super Briques, the reference French site in the field.

The story of the LEGO® group begins in 1932 with a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen, born in Billund, a builder of wooden houses and furniture. Unfortunately, his entire workshop was reduced to ashes because of a fire and then decided to rebuild it to larger in order to develop its turnover and cope with the economic crisis of the 1930s. He first made miniatures of furniture and small houses to reduce blows and then took inspiration from his prototypes to have the idea of making wooden toys (small cars and trucks in particular). His company held firm and in 1934 he launched a small internal competition for his apprentices in order to find a playful name for his toys. It is then that the LEGO® name appears, which is the contraction of "Leg Out" and which translates as "play well". A few years later, he acquired a plastic molding machine and began producing nestle and removable plastic bricks. The famous LEGO® brick was born !

For all these years, the LEGO® group has developed its range and now offer an innumerable choice of construction toys. Moreover, whether you are an adult passionate about LEGO® since your early childhood or a child fan of the LEGO® brand, you will surely find your happiness at Super Briques among hundreds of LEGO® references available immediately. Find all the new and official LEGOv sets (LEGO® boxes and Polybags) from the LEGO® Star Wars, LEGO® Marvel , LEGO® Ninjago universes and many more. Also, collect all the official Simpson LEGO® figurines, LEGO® Disney characters or the entire LEGO® Looney Tunes series of figurines. In addition, at Super Briques we offer you the opportunity to build your own decors and make scenographies of new LEGO® spare parts using LEGO® building bricks, LEGO® Technic parts and new LEGO® accessories for your LEGO® buildings or figurines.

Finally, we also offer you to brighten up your LEGO® staging with our official LEGO® personalized pieces imagined and printed by our shock team. Also discover our LEGO® online virtual app to customize yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.